JW Anderson and Guinness ‘split the G’ with their new collab

The duo debuted its creative partnership with a capsule at Milan Fashion Week.

For his dreamy SS25 showcase at Milan Fashion Week, JW Anderson revealed statement pieces including oversized quilted silhouettes inspired by duvet covers and bold, structured bomber jackets – as well as a collaboration with Guinness.

Yes, that’s right, even luxury fashion is attempting to “split the G”. The duo have kicked off their creative partnership with two pieces of knitwear, each stamped with one of the Irish beer brand’s archival graphics. Garments in the collection include a pearled crewneck and a hand-knit cashmere sweater. The crewneck features “Guinness” in pearl lettering on top with a black-and-white graphic underneath, while the cashmere piece has “Guinness” across the middle with Anderson’s signage underneath.

“I’ve always been obsessed with Guinness and their brand. I think they are still today one of the greatest advertisers and I liked the idea of using their amazing graphics,” Anderson said in a statement. “I’ve always wanted to be able to show some of it because in fashion we think we are so radical, but actually, they were way ahead of all that.”

Beer has been having a real moment in fashion over the past couple of years; there was Martine Rose’s celebration of pub culture with her eye-catching Stella Artois capsule collection. Plus, who could forget Palace’s Soho takeover with the Belgian brand?

Meanwhile, Guinness previously collaborated with British fashion brand Labrum London on a summer capsule collection featuring a one-of-a-kind print across apparel and accessories inspired by Labrum founder Foday Dambuya’s memories in Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown.

JW Anderson and Guinness’ collaboration is expected to be released in stores and online in November 2024, so don’t be surprised to see an army of Soho lads rocking these pieces in the Blue Posts later this year with Guinness in hand.

WriterChris Saunders
Image CreditJW Anderson