MVP of the week — Featuring Hartcopy x Reebok

Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar…

First up, we’ve got a fashion collab that’s practically tailor-made for a mag like HUNGER. Introducing Hartcopy and Reebok’s exclusive Footpatrol collaboration, a two-part capsule featuring the Trinity Premier and Club C Velcro. The Trinity Premier draws inspiration from printing presses (think metallic accents and weathered sections), while showcasing asymmetrical details, including a mirrored “RBK” on one tongue. The Club C Velcro is for those inclined towards a more refined aesthetic, featuring a sleek design and a standout detail in the form that velcro strap. Blend style and concept and you get these shoes, which are available to shop now (surprise), exclusively at Footpatrol.


Next up, it’s Nando’s Mix It Up Vol. 3, the EP which blends international flavours with South African spice. Executive produced by Musa Keys, the restaurant chain’s third musical offering features A$AP NAST, Teni, and Unknown T alongside South African producers like Duppy, Nkulee, and Toby Franco. Recorded between Johannesburg’s Flame Studios and London’s Nando’s Soho studio – yep, that really exists – the EP celebrates Amapiano, South Africa’s hottest cultural export since PERi-PERi chicken. What to expect from the sounds on this EP? It’s a lovely little marriage of infectious rhythms, US rap, Nigerian lyricism, and UK Drill. It’s a real smorgasbord, if you will — one that gives credence to the Nando’s belief that ‘Life’s Better When You Mix It Up’. You can catch these guaranteed floor-fillers across all streaming platforms from July 5th. We recommend giving @Nandosuk a cheeky follow to keep abreast of everything.

Coachtopia – the sub-brand of Coach that focuses on making fashion that little bit more circular – has just unveiled its summer 2024 collection, showcasing bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear designed for easy repair and recycling. The star of the collection is the new Coachtopia Loop Ergo bag, a monomaterial marvel made entirely from recycled rPET. The beloved Loop Flat Tote also returns in fresh variations, with one in particular featuring a checkerboard pattern crafted from repurposed denim.  This summer drop reinforces Coachtopia’s commitment to circular fashion, proving style and sustainability can coexist in perfect harmony. Really, there’s no better illustration of the whole Coachtopia ethos than the collection’s accompanying photo story, which brings together eco-conscious activists and designers and sets them against the backdrop of Oko Farms, something of an urban oasis for Brooklyn-ites. Shop the collection, here.

Finally, we’re mixing up MVP this week by including a book, which we can thank Sharmadean Reid for. New Methods for Women is Reid’s debut book, and it’s hitting shelves this week courtesy of Penguin. In essence, New Methods for Women is a fresh take on the personal development genre — offering a female-focused perspective, it tackles issues like financial equity in workplaces and relationships, dealing with narcissists, and affordable ways of practicing self-healing. Comprised of 49 rather powerful essays that cover everything from life, work, self, friendships, parenthood, and relationships, Reid weaves her personal insights with diverse thinkers, ideas, and stories that have shaped her approach. It’s something of a game-changing read — one that gives women the tools to shape their worlds in ways that don’t rely on pre-existing methods or schools of thought. You can shop New Methods for Women, here.