MVP of the week — Featuring Stüssy x Patta

Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar…

Kicking things off this week, crème de la crème streetwear brands Patta – the true originators of the Dutch streetwear scene – and Stüssy have joined forces to create a music-inspired collab, consisting of loose t-shirts, patchwork-adorned denim and striped knitwear. The drop follows the release of their special-edition “Respect tee” on Monday, which was launched in honour of Patta co-founder, Guillaume Schmidt’s, late father, Humphrey Rietveld Schmidt. Meanwhile, the collection itself speaks to the brands’ shared links to music (in the last year, Stüssy has collaborated with Talking Heads, Beats by Dre and Gang Starr, while Patta’s worked with Your Old Droog and Mr. Wix). The Stüssy x Patta collection may only have dropped this morning, but it’s practically sold out. Don’t worry, though — there’s still a few of their ultra cool, limited-edition items left (for now).

Over in the music realm, there’s nothing other to say than, Happy BRAT day to all those who celebrate. The singer, producer and all-round mother of the pop world has been teasing us mere mortals with tunes like “Von dutch” and “360” for what feels like months. And, finally, the 15-song, neon green-emblazoned album has dropped. It’s absolutely teeming with club bangers like “Rewind” and “Mean girls”. In fact, they’re so compelling that, when mother sings “put your hands up”, you’re going to do just that. Master that she is, Charli XCX has even balanced BRAT out with a couple of slower-paced items like “I might say something stupid”. Everyone needs a break from jumping round the room hysterically at some point, after all. And, half-way through the track list, you’ll spot a timelessly elegant tune called “Everything is Romantic”, bolstered with classic Italian references (think: lace curtains and Sicilian lemons) to cover all bases. It’s almost guaranteed that this is the album everyone will be listening to before, during and after a night out this summer. And maybe for all eternity. 

From the dancefloor to the desert… Yesterday, The North Face premiered their latest short film Atacama Bonds, which follows Explorer Team member James Poole’s attempt to cross the Atacama Desert, a hundred kilometres from any civilisation, with no support except from his film crew and a solitary mate. The film harks back to the recent launch of the brand’s LIGHTRANGE collection, which came to the market just in time for the UV-ray ramp-up that (should) accompany the summer months. The collection, which includes everything from hoodies to socks, contains some amazing technology that gives UPF 40-grade protection from the sun. Despite this, the range is still as light, breathable and moisture-wicking as the brand’s regular running gear, making these items (the first of their kind) a very clever piece of design. LIGHTRANGE has even been accredited by the Skin Cancer Foundation, so we can rest assured that our skin is as safe as possible during our June jogs. 

In a different corner of the fashion world, Marc Jacobs and Brazilian footwear brand Melissa are having another rendezvous. Their latest collaboration, released earlier this week, is the second time the brands have worked together (in 2023, they released a range of sandals and clogs). This year’s release extends the cheugy theme of the last with its capsule collection containing a pair of block heels, ballet flats and chunky-soled sandals. The rubber textures pay a modern tribute to the jelly-shoe era of the early 2010s, while the transparent and metallic colourways make them en vogue for 2024. Inspired by Marc Jacobs’ latest ready-to-wear clothing line, the collection also features a Melissa-fied version of the American fashion house’s monogram prints. And, if that’s not enough, the collection is made exclusively from both vegan and recyclable materials.

We couldn’t not round off the first ‘MVP of the week’ of June without a nod to Pride Month. In celebration of London’s LGBT+ community, the Barbican cinema is taking us on a journey back to the 1980s. A markedly turbulent time for the queer community, it saw the juxtaposition of homophobic laws starting to be relaxed in the Western world, meanwhile the Aids crisis sparked a new wave of homophobia. In terms of art, however, the ‘80s was a flourishing era of queer creativity. In cinema, it was, perhaps, the first time that authentic and multi-dimensional versions of LGBT+ characters were seen on the big screen. So, starting from this week and continuing until 26 June, the Barbican will show films from six continents, spanning a diverse range of genres, from romance to documentary. Happy Pride Month!