Meet LYNKS – the artist wielding comedy, fashion and Queer sex stories to create the ultimate club bangers

The pop artist extraordinaire sits down with HUNGER, in partnership with UGG®, to discuss fashion inspo, tongue-in-cheek plans for opening a theme park, and having their eye on a Nobel Peace Prize…
  • PhotographerLydia Garnett
  • WriterDevinder Bains

Singer-songwriter, model, comedian and even dancer are all tags that could be, and probably have been, used to label the British artist known as LYNKS (who uses he/she/they pronouns), but they absolutely wouldn’t do this nonconforming vocalist justice. Think ‘witty masked warrior’ or ‘eccentric master of pop’ and you are somewhere closer to really understanding what they’re all about. The London-based, Bristol-raised, artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, keeps their identity under wraps using a multitude of attractively outlandish masks with matchy-matchy outfits. LYNKS, once upon a time known as Lynks Afrikka, excels at both comic verses that frankly and unapologetically celebrate Queer pride, as well as nuanced lyrics that explore Queer shame. The candid yet playful artist is a breath of fresh air in a music scene often saturated with singer-songwriters that are taking themselves too seriously, and are easily boxed into genres. Take track four on LYNKS’ latest record Abomination, for example. There’s no obvious box for a song that’s simply titled ‘(What did you expect from) Sex with a stranger’. Team LYNKS’ original, humour-filled lyrics with highly-charged, over-the-top, dance-heavy music videos and you’re onto an A star entertainer. Here, HUNGER asks LYNKS, who’s rocking UGG®’s URSeen Platform, to explain what’s going on behind that mask…

How would you say your environment and upbringing affect your identity and the person you are today?

London pollution made me asthmatic, mum and dad made me a bad bitch!

Was there much Queer representation around you growing up, or was it something you had to go out and discover yourself?

Well my parents loved Bowie as much as the next 90s parents, but no, they weren’t taking me to the Pride marches. Not because of any kind of prejudice, they’re very liberal, they just hate rainbows aesthetically, as do I.

You’re known for your unique masked persona. What does the mask give you? Is it tapping into an alter ego of sorts?

Imagine the thing you would do if you knew no-one knew it was you doing that. It’s that effect, basically.

Where do you get your inspirations for your outfits from?

Leigh Bowery, various drag performers, and the little boy from the movie The Orphanage.

What effect would you like your music to have on the Queer community?


Lynks wears WINDOWSEN hoodie, chain dress and jockstrap, HOUSE OF CB trousers, Lynks own gloves and mask, and shoes by UGG®.

What is the dream for you as an artist, or have you already had it?

Nobel Peace Prize.

How has being in the mask made you question body politics?

I definitely get away with infinitely more as a masked demon creature than I would if I was just some 27-year-old twunk, so there’s that.

How important is it for you to inject humour into your music and persona?

As you can probably tell from these answers, very! I try very hard!

Your UK tour started on 12th April and your debut album, Abomination, has just dropped. How excited are you about the next few months?

Extremely excited! Sweating profusely, no sleep, heart palpitations – it’s gonna be amazing.

In what way does Abomination display the evolution of LYNKS? Why was now the right time to drop it?

I think if I released another EP my fans would riot. But yeah, I feel very much fully grown up on this record. The EPs were about figuring out who LYNKS is, but now I know. And I’m fucking amazing.

What artists are inspiring you right now? Do you have any creative touchstones that you’ve come back to time and time again throughout your career?

Very excitingly, I’ve got two of my fave new artists coming on tour with me actually! Tatyana and Shelf Lives – huge fan of, and very inspired, by both.

What’s next for LYNKS?

Hoping for a LYNKS theme park in the next 3-5 years. Aside from that, more tunes, more shows, and pure vibes. 

  • Creative DirectionKat Beckwith
  • StylistSachin Gogna
  • IllustratorJess Ardizzone
  • Photography Assistant Eoin Greally
  • Styling Assistant Radha Rani
  • Commercial DirectorCherelle Chambers
  • ProducerAbby Rothwell at Rankin & Co.