From Kourtney Kardashian to Natalie Portman, here are 10 celebs with unusual degrees

Following the announcement that Travis Scott is set to attend Harvard, HUNGER takes a deep dive into the world of celebrity degrees.

It seems that no matter how successful, famous and wealthy you are, the allure of being credited with a certificate from an ancient institution is seemingly too much – as is the case of Travis Scott. The rapper and business mogul recently announced that he’ll be going back to school, to Harvard University, to be exact. In an interview with GQ for their “Man of the Year” issue, the artist revealed that he’s planning to take architecture and has already visited the prestigious school several times. “I got to work hard to get in. They’re not letting me take any shortcuts,” Scott revealed, adding that he’s seriously looked into their admissions process.

He further confirmed that he plans on returning to college after his ongoing UTOPIA – Circus Maximus Tour and that it’ll be a full-time gig, meaning that he will relocate to Boston so he can study on campus. Rest assured, he still has his career in his mind. “It’d probably be like four years. I’m still going to make music, of course,” Scott shared.

So, this revelation got us thinking – what other celebrities have unusual degrees that we probably don’t know about? See what we managed to dig up below…

Cole Sprouse (Archaeology)

Riverdale‘s resident journalist graduated from New York University with a degree in geographical information systems and satellite imaging. If you’re confused, so were we, but he revealed it was basically archaeology.

Denzel Washington (Journalism)

Denzel Washington could have had an entirely different career based on his journalism degree, however, he also has a degree in drama and we’re glad he put it to use.

Kourtney Kardashian (Theatre)

All the world’s a stage when you’re a Kardashian, no? The eldest Kardashian sister earned her degree in theatre arts at the University of Arizona just before her family’s catapult into the public eye.

Riz Ahmed (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) 

Considering that Riz Ahmed has long been involved with activism outside of Hollywood, it’s perhaps unsurprising that he holds a mixed degree that included philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, graduating in 2003.

Natalie Portman (Psychology)

A psychology degree often serves an actor well. Natalie Portman, another Harvard alum, class of ’03, earned her Oscar for playing prima ballerina Nina in Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 Black Swan. No doubt her authority for exploring the interior lives of her characters is surely thanks to her psychology degree.

Hugh Jackman (Communications)

After taking a gap year to be a PE teacher in England, Hugh Jackman graduated in 1991 with a degree in communications at the University of Technology Sydney – one of the first graduating classes from the university.

Rebel Wilson (Law)

Earning her double degree in Arts and Laws at Sydney’s University of New South Wales in 2009, Rebel Wilson is as quick with legal jargon as she is with a bit on screen.

Rashida Jones (Religion and Philosophy)

A Harvard alum of ’97, Rashida Jones studied religion and philosophy, as well as being heavily involved with the performing arts scene during her time in college.

Tom Ford (Interior Architecture)

The American fashion designer studied Interior Architecture in New York’s Parsons School of Design a decade before splashing onto the fashion scene as Gucci’s creative director in 1994.

WriterChris Saunders