A night out at Savage: Eppie’s Polaroid scrapbook

An icon of London’s Queer scene Eppie takes most of the polaroids featured here at Savage Disco – a weekly Queer club night at Metropolis Working Men’s Club. Ahead of Savage’s Pride Party on July 7th Eppie shares these unforgettable portraits and the stories behind them with HUNGER.

“I got my Polaroid camera when I was struggling with my own gender identity and documenting other people helped me with that. I’m part of a community of fabulous people and I want to remember everyone in their various guises and night time dwelling. By sharing their image through my eyes it reminds me that I’m still here and so are they.”

Having a physical photo feels more tangible and grounding than anything digital I have, so Polaroid’s are a form of creative therapy for me. I’m in all the photos, because I was there when I took them.”

I’ve always taken a lot of photos since I was a child, and growing up my family home was full of boxes of photos that my dad took. These Polaroid’s feel like extension of that, documenting the drag family that I have now and the beautiful supportive community we’re all part of.

The people I photograph are important to me and influence how I’m feeling. The Polaroid’s do the same and I hope this shows.”

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All polaroidsShot by Eppie
WordsEppie as told to Jordan Rossi