12 highlights from Photo Vogue Festival 2018

The Photo Vogue Festival is back in Milan. Between 15 and 18 of November 2018, the Italian city will host the third edition of the festival which, in its first two years, has established itself nationally and internationally as a key event for the promotion of photography culture and as a platform for discussion of critical topics, such as the power of the female gaze in the arts and the political significance of fashion imagery.

“Chaired by Emanuele Farneti and directed by Senior Photo Editor, Alessia Glaviano, this year’s Photo Vogue Festival features a solo exhibition of Norwegian photographer, Sølve Sundsbø – one of the most innovative voices in contemporary fashion photography and an established contributor to Vogue Italia. The exhibition will take place within the prestigious venue of Palazzo Reale and is promoted and produced by Vogue Italia in collaboration with Comune di Milano – Cultura and Palazzo Reale and with the support of Art + Commerce.

“Housed inside the industrial space of a renovated former factory, Base Milano, two group exhibitions will take place: ‘Embracing Diversity’, dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness and ‘All That Man Is – Fashion and Masculinity Now’ which will explore and expand on the concept of masculinity by showing how contemporary fashion photographers are addressing the subject.”

Check out Hunger’s preview of below and for more information on the Photo Vogue Festival head to vogue.it.

Sølve Sundsbø, ‘Beyond the still image’

Curated by Alessia Glaviano and Michael Van Horne

“This year, the evocative space of Appartamento del Principe inside Palazzo Reale will host a solo exhibition of renowned fashion photographer and film-maker, Sølve Sundsbø. The exhibition will reveal the dynamic world of one of the most sought after contemporary image-makers, immersing viewers in iconic photographs, videos, previously unseen works and site-specific installations demonstrating Sundsbø’s long-standing commitment to creating imaginative and experimental imagery. Sundsbø’s pioneering use of technology is a distinguishing feature throughout his oeuvre, as evidenced by his editorial work for Vogue Italia, Love, i-D, V and The New York Times Magazine, among others. Sundsbø employs a diverse range of lighting and non-traditional techniques including X-rays, 3D scanning and elaborate compositions to create images that challenge the 2-dimensional nature of the still image. If photography can never be considered a faithful representation of reality, this is especially true for Sølve Sundsbø who, through his experimental works, has created an innovative aesthetic by pushing fashion photography beyond the realm of the still image.” 

‘Edita Stripes’, Numero #93, March 2008, model Edita Vilkeviciute, ©Sølve Sundsbø
Man with Flowers, Another Man 2009, model NA ©Sølve Sundsbø
‘Edita with Petals,’ Vogue Nippon (Beauty November 2011), model Edita Vilkeviciute, ©Sølve Sundsbø
‘Anna in Schiaparelli’, Vogue Italia, Feb 2016, Model: Anna Cleveland, ©Sølve Sundsbø

‘Embracing Diversity’

Curated by Alessia Glaviano and Francesca Marani 

‘One must pay close attention to the word ‘beauty’: when it is used in an absolute sense, it becomes an excluding, restrictive concept. Beauty is what we think it’s acceptable in society; the search for beauty lies in moving its limits’. Wolfgang Tillmans, Vogue Italia, May 2018

“We hope that ‘Embracing Diversity’, the PhotoVogue exhibition presented at Photo Vogue Festival 2018 dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of diversity in all its forms, be it physical, gender-related, geographical or cultural, can contribute to inspire a desire for welcoming and curiosity towards different cultures in favour of a deeper and better understanding of our contemporary society.” 

© Ricardo Rivera
From the series Two Figures In A Room© Katie Burdon
Ciara and Heru © Maxim Vakhovskiy
From the series Your next step would be to do the Transmission© Valentine Bo

‘All That Man Is – Fashion and Masculinity Now’

Curated by Chiara Bardelli Nonino

“‘All That Man Is – Fashion and Masculinity Now’ seeks to explore and expand on the concept of masculinity by showing how contemporary fashion and art photographers are addressing the subject. The aim is to present a broad spectrum of how manhood is portrayed and, hopefully, to spark a conversation about it.”

When Harry Met Dilara ©CASPER SEJERSEN
Isaac Gabriel for Lukhanyo Mdingi’s ‘Soulful’ Collection Styled by Lakhanyo Mdingi ©Kyle Weeks
RUSHE MY BOTTER SPRINGSUMMER18 MEN’S CAMPAIGN ‘Fish or Fight’ Styling by Ib Kamara Make-up by Afrolion Hair by Virginie P Moreira Models Jesse hartey @NiiAgency © Ruth Ossa
Alpine Wanderer, 2017 © Scandebergs
Main image'When Harry Met Dilara' © CASPER SEJERSEN