Hot! Hot! Hot! HUNGER’s high maintenance festival survival guide

Not everyone is willing to rough it for those three to five days you're camped out in a sweaty tent. Whether you're heading to Houghton or Reading and Leeds, Boomtown or Bestival, this is HUNGER's guide to surviving a festival — if you're more on the high maintenance side. 

The bare essentials

What are you even doing at a festival if you haven’t got at least a few of these stuffed in that rucksack that hasn’t seen the light of day since DofE? And for the love of God, pack suncream.

For the people who probably shouldn’t be going to a festival in the first place

In other words, for the maintenance girlies. Prune yourself to perfection (or as near as you can get) using these festival-ready bits and bobs from the beauty world.

Hangovers (and comedowns) be gone

Waking up in your muggy tent doesn’t have to come with a side-order of existential dread.


Staying hygienic (and something close to clean)

We get it — for some, the idea of not properly showering for a few days is up there with a heinous criminal act. If that’s you, add a few of these to your basket. And because we’re not absolute monsters, we’ve honed in some biodegradable options.

Festival fashion

Remove that Pretty Little Thing co-ord from your basket immediately.

WriterAmber Rawlings