Hits of the Week – Featuring Camila Cabello, Young T & Bugsey and more

Welcome back to HUNGER’s Hits of the Week: your one-stop shop for all the best in music right now. This week, we’ve got a hyper-pop infused banger from Camila Cabello and Playboi Carti, a dance floor-filling anthem from Eliza Rose and MJ Cole and much more…

Camila Cabello ft. Playboi Carti – ‘I Luv It’

Camila Cabello’s new single ‘I Luv It’ is out now, and it’s a blast, an all-out onslaught of pop energy. If Camila had previously shied away from directness in her work, she’s flipped the script on those presumptions. ‘I Luv It’ scratches away at self-doubt, unleashing the positive energy within, barely contained within that effervescent chorus. Speaking recently, Camila called it “a genuinely chaotic slice of fast and fuzzy digitised pop that whooshes past you like a Miami sports car.” Indeed, there’s a colossal sense of acceleration throughout the song – from the hyper-colourful production to the guest bars from Playboi Carti.

Young T & Bugsey – ‘Been A Minute’

Following a two-year hiatus, the Nottingham duo are back in the studio, tackling their bars and production from a point of introspection. Weaving between themes of fatherhood, industry struggles and the transition between Nigeria and the UK, ‘Been A Minute’ delves into the hitmakers’ time spent away from music, elevating their craft through storytelling. Taking a moment to calibrate their next steps, Young T & Bugsey arrive with a renewed vision for UK rap, lending their focus to their community. ‘Been A Minute’ undoubtedly marks a new chapter for the duo, reflecting on the life lessons that have shaped their journey thus far.

Eliza Rose ft. MJ Cole – ‘Business As Usual’

Eliza Rose links with UK music legend MJ Cole on new single ‘Business As Usual’. The club star broke through in 2022, with her single ‘Baddest Of Them All’ soaring to the top spot. Smashing the charts to pieces, Eliza Rose blended UKG and house with her incredible pop appeal, and intense melodic edge. Her new EP lands via Rosebud Recordings on April 24th, just in time for the emerging spring sunshine. Titled ‘Business As Usual’, the title track is a potent blend of 2-step, jazz keys, and neo-soul influences. The track comes with a Jeanie Crystal-directed video, one that veers around Eliza’s Hackney hometown. Tracing the sights of the borough, popular spots include Palm Vaults and Atlantis Records in Clapton.

Len – ‘BUSSDoWN’

Len has quickly become one of the most instantly recognisable and unique rappers rising from London’s exuberant underground scene. From his zany flows to braggadocious bars, there’s no one quite doing it like Len. Thankfully, Len’s latest track ‘BUSSDoWN’ is just as vibrant as his prior releases, but with a sense of experimentation that bodes well for his upcoming album COBALT: SOMUCHMoRE. The single showcases a cutthroat delivery and endless hedonism from Len over aggressively hypnotic production from OMGRonin and BabyCashy. In simple terms, Len is rapping like the rent’s due over a beat that many rappers would struggle to find a pocket in. The track also comes accompanied by a LAUZZA-directed music video, where Len plays a “young and ambitious street thug” hellbent on climbing “the ranks of the criminal hierarchy” – check it out below.


Rising London-based artist Tsatsamis has made a name for himself over the past years for his introspective, vulnerable, and incredibly catchy dance-pop. And now, the musician is gearing up to release his second EP, Our Shame, recently revealing the project’s 3rd single ‘Faith’. The banger is once again backed by poignant lyricism from Tsatsamis’ who reminds us all to love ourselves and embrace our individuality and identity, admitting he often questions himself. Taking influence from queer icons like George Michael and SOPHIE, the track is a delectable techno banger that must be played at maximum volume given any opportunity.

WriterChris Saunders