All the viral moments from Taylor Swift’s London Eras Tour shows

The global superstar delighted fans with her three-night residency at Wembley stadium, leading to more than a few moments that set the internet ablaze.

Over the past week, London was completely taken over by Swifties. Everywhere you looked, fans roamed the streets brandishing posters and covered head to toe in sparkles. It seemed as though the entire city was swept up by some sort of airborne Swiftie virus, transforming the most unlikely of individuals into rabid fans — even politicians like Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan were in attendance. Meanwhile, if you weren’t in the capital or at the concerts, your social media feed was likely filled with endless clips of the pop star performing at Wembley Stadium.

But if you somehow managed to miss the musical event of the year, don’t worry. We’re here to run you through all the biggest viral moments from the Eras Tour, London edition. From dancing royals to surprise guest appearances, scroll below to see what you missed.

Travis Kelce’s surprise stage debut

Talk about a grand reveal! Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, made a surprise stage debut at her third London night for the Tortured Poets Department set. The NFL star appeared with Swift’s dancers Kam and Jan, dressed in a top hat and tuxedo, for the singer’s ‘I Can Do It With A Broken Heart’ set. In one dramatic moment, the Kansas City Chiefs player picked up his girlfriend and carried her across the stage. As expected, fans absolutely lost their minds.

Prince William shakes it off 

By now, we’ve all seen Taylor’s Instagram post: a selfie with Kelce and the future king of England. “Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start,” Swift wrote after Prince William attended her Friday night show for his 42nd birthday celebrations. While the selfie was wild, it was a video of Prince William dancing in true embarrassing dad fashion that sent fans into meltdown. The camera panned from the stage up to the royal box, where Will could be seen dancing his heart out to ‘Shake It Off’.

Sir Paul McCartney gets into Swiftiemania

The legendary singer from The Beatles didn’t just attend the Eras Tour — he was up and dancing with fans too. Sir Paul McCartney mingled with the crowd, traded friendship bracelets with Swifties and even stopped to dance with a group. Leaving the shelter of the jam-packed VIP tent, the 82-year-old singer was filmed dancing to one of Taylor’s newest hits, ‘But Daddy I Love Him’. As a fan wrote on X: “Paul McCartney really lived through the Beatlemania and now he has experienced the Swiftie-mania six decades later.”

Tom Cruise trades friendship bracelets

The VIP tent didn’t stop with McCartney… Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise was also in attendance. He danced the night away with Mission Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie, attending both Saturday and Sunday’s gigs. The 61-year-old actor was grinning as he and the entire VIP tent jumped to ‘Shake It Off’, which is clearly something of a celeb favourite.

Taylor Swift swallows a fly 

Sometimes, when singing live, performers run into issues. Insects are be a big one. Taylor didn’t pause her performance, though. She coughed slightly during her 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ and said, “I swallowed a bug, you sing.” During a break in the chorus, she stopped and cleared her throat away from the microphone. In time for the next lyric, Taylor returned to playing her guitar and broke into song again, having got rid of the pesky fly.

Hugh Grant thanks Taylor’s ‘gigantic boyfriend’ 

Another day, another huge celebrity at the Eras Tour. This time it was Hugh Grant gracing the VIP tent. “Dear @taylorswift13,” he wrote on X. “You have an incredible show, an amazing and very hospitable team, and an excellent if gigantic boyfriend (#tequilashots).” Sadly, the Bridget Jones star witnessed night two of Wembley, so he missed his new BFF Travis taking to the stage.

Fans climb onto Wembley Roof

In a more alarming turn of events, Saturday night saw three mysterious figures climb onto the stadium roof (does anyone know Matty Healy’s whereabouts that evening?). Our guess at what might have happened? Well, in Madrid, fans also saw an unknown figure dancing on the roof… So, maybe this time they brought friends? Videos shared online show obscured figures watching on from the heights, having a little boogie as the wide-spanning setlist played.

Surprise songs ft. Hayley Williams and Gracie Abrams

Any Swiftie knows the highlight of the evening is seeing what Taylor sings for the acoustic set. Her surprise songs span anything in her discography, with mashups including ‘Haunted’ and ‘Exile’ to “old” tracks like ‘Crazier’ from the Hannah Montana movie (yes, really). However, night two really kicked things into high gear as Paramore’s Hayley Williams took to the stage to sing a duet of ‘Castles Crumbling’. Meanwhile, her final night in London saw Gracie Abrams join Taylor on stage for a rendition of their new song together, ‘Us’.

WriterChris Saunders
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