Issue 23:
More Real Than Real

More Real Than Real. The future is already here, and the digital age as we know it is expanding into unprecedented horizons. From the Metaverse and NFTs to the advent of digital art, fashion, beauty and beyond, there has never been so much to feast our eyes on, and there’s never been so much to say. Our new issue is fronted by three exciting talents, who are breaking boundaries in their own right: Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams, who will soon be starring in Pistol, the upcoming series about the rise of the Sex Pistols, Ella Balinska of Charlie’s Angels, and Lolo Zouï, who is on the brink of pop superstardom. Maisie Williams is also fascinated by all things the Metaverse, and came on board to guest edit the issue. Struggling to understand the ins and outs of digital fashion and the blockchain? Not for much longer. Maisie hand-picked experts in the field such as Daniella Loftus and Li Jin to give you a comprehensive overview, minus the boring, technical jargon.