Time for a sustainable spring clean! Here are the eco-minded brands you need to shop this Earth Day

It’s the perfect time of the year to swap out your beauty and fashion habits for more eco-friendly options, and we have the ideal solutions for you. This year's Earth Day theme is ‘Invest In Your Planet,’ so in celebration of that, we’ve composed a list of all the companies that consistently pledge sustainability without compromising on quality. 

Jasmin XXX | £168 at Altra

Every step of Altra’s perfumery journey is dedicated to a Profuture mindset, which refers to a responsible and conscious approach when it comes to fragrance production. Implementing this self-designed ethos across all elements of production, even Altra’s packaging is engineered via a single sheet of 100% recycled and compostable paper, which has been handmade in the UK. The bottle, crafted by glass blowing, is an impressive and infinitely refillable design feat. Nature is at the heart of Altra, with a percentage of their turnover being donated towards solutions for the most pressing environmental and social causes at 1% For the Planet. And In celebration of Earth Day, Altra is donating 5% of all sales to ClientEarth – so what better reason to invest in your new favourite planet-preserving scent than that?

After Sun Hair and Body Bath | £26.41 at Oway

The Italian sustainable haircare brand Oway is top of the podium this Earth Day when it comes to green chemistry. Being the first-ever hair brand to use biodynamic agricultural methods, it all starts on the brand’s agriculture estate that extends over 5 hectares on the slopes of the picturesque Bologna hills. By challenging traditional haircare approaches, this resource means Oway is ethical across all its processes, including working exclusively with biodynamic organic farmers. They are also pioneers of the Zero Mile Beauty approach, which completely focuses on energy-efficient sustainable practices from start to finish and keeping the supply chain as local as possible. From soil to the scalp, thanks to Oway your hair will be left feeling as luscious as the brand’s methods of farming. 

Grounding Vata Body Oil | £62 at Bourii

It’s time to recharge and reset – and Bourii have you covered on both bases. The soul-restoring brand has received a Carbon Neutral Business Status for its efforts, and alongside their research into the healing power of botanicals, it’s safe to say they have us all on board. Named Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, the plant-based potions will balance your inner energy as well as restore your skin. The brand’s Earth first approach has launched them as carbon Offset Verified with their commitment to planting 30 trees a month to offset 60 tonnes of CO²e. Therefore, all the emissions from Bourii’s staff and business will be covered – from electricity to waste to delivery. Bourii goes beyond the skin, targets your everyday habits, and back into nature, nourishing each factor of your being and restoring via a customised oil.

Fussy Deodorant | £12 to subscribe at Fussy

Vegan and cruelty-free deodorant brand Fussy is completely dedicated to spreading the word about planet-friendly, fresh-smelling pits. Thanks to their subscription model, just one click, and you have a Fussy deodorant for life with a completely sustainable single-use refillable package. The brand utilises eight premium ingredients, including sunflower wax, coconut oil, and shea butter, whilst including active ingredients that stop sweat dead in its tracks and neutralise odour-causing bacteria. A little secret about Fussy’s formula is that they use a special ingredient called lactobacillus, a probiotic used in yoghurt – sweaty science! 

Puka Combi Earrings | £354 at AKVA

A shining example of how to do Earth Day this 2023 is jewellery brand AKVA, who are hand-finishing their pieces with a conscious mindset. Their journey started in 2018 when the company decided to work within the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 14 was “life below water,” which is working with motivation to preserve and act in favour of our planet’s oceans. What’s so special about AKVA is they capture the essence of being near the ocean so that you can always have a piece of the waves with you, promoting vitality, calmness, and strength in every single wearer. Working in partnership with Mother Nature, the company is led by three women who create the pieces in recycled precious metal designed to last for generations. AKVA will have you living in symbiosis with nature thanks to their responsible solutions.

Organic Cotton Mid Rise Slim Flare Jeans | £51.99 at Superdry

Superdry has long valued sustainability in its output, focusing on organic textiles throughout its range by introducing a switch to organic cotton. The brand has now focused on an organic denim collection, with each item meeting the strict industry standards for sustainability. Superdry sources the materials to comply with natural denim production practices, meaning rejecting materials that need chemical fertilisers and substantial amounts of water to grow. The denim industry is known for high water usage, energy consumption, and chemical pollution, so Superdry is trailblazing the cause to combat this issue throughout the industry this Earth Day. Not only that, but the designs remain simple, functional, and stylish with retro flair designs, dungarees, and a billowing wide leg. Superdry is proving you too can go green in your new blue jeans!

New Leaf Body Cleanser | £23 at Kankan

Kankan has introduced their new 2.0 iteration of their refillable personal care cans – perfect for giving your bathroom a spring sustainable clean out this Earth Day. In 2019, the brand welcomed the can packaging and revolutionised how we stock our bathrooms by focusing on single-use packaging and an ethos that revolved around reusing. Kankan believes that we should not compromise purchasing habits for a waste-free future, resulting in a can that is both convenient and effective, indulging in scents like bergamot, spearmint, and sage as well as sweet orange, coriander, and vetiver. Through studying the lifecycle of plants, each individual scent is made with 100% essential oils that truly replenish the skin. And the best part is you can do this over and over with your reusable Kankan can. 

Furoshiki Bag | £75 at ROOP

If you are a sustainable fashion fan, you are likely to have had the name ROOP on your radar for a while. The ruched arm accessory was all born out of a 2019 lockdown passion project by its founder Natasha Fernandes-Anjo. By experimenting with the movement of fabrics and ruching techniques, the Furoshiki was born – inspired entirely by the traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. The brand is 100% vegan and made to order straight from the Manchester-based studio. This means it eliminates unnecessary waste and production footprint, sourcing fabrics in limited quantities. It’s hard not to feel unique with a ROOP accessory, as they are all produced as one-offs or exclusives. 

WriterElla Chadwick