Patrizia Pepe’s creative director, Patrizia Bambi, talks her striking AW24 collection

The creative director sits down with HUNGER following her surreal Urban Disco Jungle, which took place during Milan Fashion Week.

At last week’s fantasy-filled Urban Disco Jungle event, Florence-based label Patrizia Pepe revealed their AW24 collection in and amongst a surreal combination of urban architecture and naturalistic overgrowth at Milan’s Alcatraz. The event, which acted as a collaboration with London’s Cirque Le Soir, saw models displaying Patrizia Pepe’s latest collection through an installation of terrariums, acting as stages of femininity. The dream-like celebration made for an amalgamation of Patrizia Bambi’s – the brand’s creative director – inspirations in music and art and the mediums’ significant influence on her creative output. For her AW24 collection, Bambi produced a range that pulls from Patrizia Pepe’s signature design codes, oversized shapes, close-fitting silhouettes, luminous textures and vibrant prints. Meanwhile, despite being wondrously eye-catching, the collection holds an air of minimalism through its sleek designs, creating a striking juxtaposition.  

Through both the Urban Disco Jungle and her latest collection, Bambi speaks of one central manifesto that ties it all together: “Our desire is to experience music and art in every possible form, with a curious and inclusive outlook, welcoming diversity, embracing the unexpected and allowing people to freely express themselves through their bodies, talent, energy and uniqueness, overcoming conventions and prejudices.”

Here, we get the low-down from Bambi on the inspirations behind the Urban Disco Jungle, her new collection and finding comfort through music.

HUNGER: What was the inspiration behind the Urban Disco Jungle, and how did it all come together?


Patrizia Bambi: In recent seasons, the brand has taken the ‘night party’ concept a step further by transforming it into a special occasion to celebrate its connection with music and its desire to offer its community unique, exciting and engaging experiences. In the previous editions, we explored the Berlin scene – this time, it is London’s leading nightclub [Cirque Le Soir]. The project is founded on the values of creativity, freedom and inclusiveness that inspire the brand and its passion for all things unexpected and extraordinary.

What does the phrase “If you don’t know. Don’t worry” mean to you?

PB: We endorsed this cult phrase of the Cirque Le Soir crew through an invitation to share and exchange, without fear or limitation, with eyes that are always open, new and with a hint of madness, even when we observe what we do not expect.

How important is it to you to create experiences alongside the clothing and curate a whole world for your garments to exist in?

PB: It’s very important. Music, art, dance and clubbing are great release methods. When they merge, these elements bring happiness and are captivating, making for a source of energy involving mind, soul and body.

How did the event align with your AW24 collection? Any interjecting themes?

PB: There is a continuous contamination, from day to evening, weaving the masculine and the feminine into a fluid and free vision. Silhouettes and colours are bold and intense. Masculine cuts meet jewelled textures hand-embroidered with beads and bezels. The key elements are personality, awareness, and natural sensuality mixed with a glamorous touch.

How big of a role does music play in your designs? Is it a heavy source of inspiration for you?

PB: Music is energy and vibrations. It involves all senses. It provides comfort and inspiration. For instance, in my path, David Bowie and his polyhedric personality meant a lot to me, both from a musical and stylistic point of view.

What were some of the main themes you wanted to explore through the collection?

PB: Contamination and versatility, harmonious contrasts pervaded by glamorous hints.

The new collection is minimalist yet vibrant – how do you balance the two and find that creative sweet spot?

PB: The collection draws the boundaries of a new world in which opposite poles attract and join in a vision full of harmonious contrasts. The balance between aesthetics and practicality inspires an ultra-modern mix of tailored cuts, exclusive details and casual shapes that

transport easy-to-wear design into a vibrant, exciting dimension.

What do you hope people take away from the event and your collection?

PB: Beauty, marvel, positive energy, freedom and inspiration for a brighter future.

WriterChris Saunders