Meet the trailblazing designers of tomorrow

London has long been an exciting playground for emerging designers, from the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. HUNGER takes look at the trailblazers following in their footsteps.
Lottie wears coat and scarf by Mariia Ershova, pop socks by FALKE and shows by Roker.


“In the fast-paced world we live in today, it’s easy to forget the transformative power that clothing can hold. People often overlook the emotional connection between themselves and the clothes they wear. My designs aim to bridge that gap by crafting pieces that not only enhance outer appearances but also evoke a sense of inner beauty and confidence, whether it’s through flattering silhouettes, thoughtful details or the perfect fit.”

Ololade wears dress by Christopher de la Cruz and boots by Roker.


“As a gender-fluid knitwear designer I use a process that starts with not only a narrative but a direction towards innovative development. Experimentation with different fibres, techniques and pushing the traditional forms of designing and producing by testing the limits and possibilities of traditional forms of development.”

FROM LEFT: Lottie and Ololade wear jackets by In Mostry, hats by In Mostry x Katherine Elizabeth.


“I’m inspired by oriental clothing pattern-cutting, [where] the strips are folded to form three-dimensional clothing. And the whole process is sustainable and zero waste. At the heart of my work is innovating in traditional oriental pattern design, integrating modern aesthetics and creating contemporary sustainable menswear.”

FROM LEFT: Ololade and Lottie wear dresses by Ying Huang.


“My inspiration comes from my hometown, the mountain city of Chongqing, China. I hope it can make me think more deeply about the relationship between nature and human beings, and symbolise how people in the mountain city adapt to the environment by changing their habits.”

Lottie wears coat by Gemma Dolan.


“I find my inspiration predominantly in lifestyle photography books. Sometimes I draw from fragmented memories of my own childhood and experiences growing up as a young girl in Ireland. Both reference points are grounded in everyday human experiences. I think this is reflected through the wearability of the pieces I create… Through my designs I hope to say that I believe there is value in embracing innocence and naivety.”

Ololade wears dress by Linen Liang.


“My family and friends are all ceramic craftsmen. After studying fashion, I realised that there is no aesthetic in fashion that represents us. I want to bring the aesthetics of our life into fashion, such as the muddy and warm working environment and broken ceramic shards in every corner.”

Ololade wears jacket, bralet, skirt and harness by Min-ji Kim, boots by Dr. Martens.


“I find most of my inspiration in my cultural heritage and upbringing. Having so many cultural references to pull from, I mainly focus on the experiences I had in my childhood to showcase my internal world. The combination of my cultural identity is reflected in my work, as I use different materials and research imagery that juxtapose each other, like using leather and knitwear together.”

Lottie wears coat, hat and necklace by Luca Pawson and boots by Dr. Martens.


“Research plays a huge part in my work, and by forging a tangible dialogue with our past, I aim to ground my work in a very human way. This collection was less about a statement than a feeling. Building nurturing, contemplative silhouettes around the body that foster a space for reflection, a kind of sanctuary. So much of the research came from my family and how I can invest these clothes with heritage and memory.”

FROM LEFT: Lottie and Ololade wear coat and dresses by Fauve Penketh and footwear by Roker.


“My work is an exploration, critique and a reworking of patriarchal symbols. I begin my projects with female muses, some recent muses being Loie Fuller, Louise Bourgeois, Caroline Colthurst and Lee Miller. It is led by feminist attitudes of reclaiming space, aiming to repossess a once male- dominated story with a female-led mindset. At the heart of my work is what I believe to be divine femininity, with its strength and sensitivity.”

PhotographerCharlie Cummings
Art DirectionKat Beckwith
Stylist and CurationHasan Hejazi
Make-up ArtistJesse Walker using Armani Beauty
Hair StylistClare Hurford
ModelsOlolade Ibrahim at Established, Lottie Hayes at Select