MVP of the week — Featuring FelixThe1st and With Jéan

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At the time FelixThe1st featured in our issue 28 HUNGRY showcase, he was staking his claim as one of the UK’s most eccentric rappers on the rise. Just under a year later, the musician’s debut project, i hope you never fit in, has arrived, with Felix displaying a distinct musical maturity from when we first met him. The record makes for a rich canvas of bedroom pop, grunge and shoegaze, with the musician laying down lyrics touching on heartache and mental instability sure to pull at your heartstrings. ‘for now’ kicks off the project through a sombre guitar lead with Felix admitting that he “fucked up” and asking “if I made you lovestruck, would you take away the pain?” through strained vocal leads. However, the artist does allow for a moment or two to regain composure (and wipe away the tears), most notably on the bouncy, jersey club-infused ‘would u wait’. On i hope you never fit in, Felix is beginning to realise his potential, producing a project that, stylistically, we haven’t quite yet seen from a UK artist.  

If you’re a fan of the Rolling Stones – or just a musical history buff in general – then this next inclusion is a must-see. An exhibition of previously unseen photos of the Rolling Stones will be on display, taken at the band’s peak by photographer ‘Spanish Tony’ Sanchez. Spanish Tony held a close relationship with the band as both a friend and a fixer, working and living with them during their most prominent years, and so had unprecedented access to the British icons. Adding even more lore and mystique around the images, they were thought to be lost forever but were actually just collecting dust in a loft in south London. The exhibition comes as the band prepares to go on tour in support of their latest album, Hackney Diamonds, and will chronicle the parties, the iconic live performances, camaraderie and more. The exhibition will take place from February 29 – March 5 at J/M Gallery, Notting Hill, and all twenty-seven limited edition prints will be available to buy via the Bayliss Rare Books website from February 28 onwards.

Spanish Tony Media

Next up, Camden’s Cob Gallery has opened its doors for a new exhibition, Construct. Curated by Brooke Wilson, the exhibition “examines the purpose of construction as a means of communication,” pulling works from artists including Emma Adler, Bobby Dowler, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, Ali Glover, Dux Pacifico, Anne Tallentire, and Charlotte Thrane. Central to the show is the idea of taking objects and materials away from their natural state in order to dissect how we view and treat the things we would classify as mundane, ordinary and everyday. Sinks are turned on their sides, morphing into futuristic wall furniture, and mattresses are stuffed into an alcove in the corner of a room, reforming any ideas of comfort you might have had. Cleverly, you, too, as the viewer, are taken out of your usual environment and extended high into the recess of a dropped ceiling, looking out into darkness broken only by one transparent tile. “Revelling in the tension between building and breaking down personal and collective narratives,” the show’s press release states, “Construct displays the materials artists excavate, appropriate, manipulate and collect in order to decode the world around them.” Running from February 23 to March 23, Cob’s newest opening is the latest unmissable exhibition.

Charlotte Thrane
Bobby Dowler
Anne Tallentire

As we gradually edge closer to Spring, we’re nearing that time of the year where our wardrobes get a much-needed shake up. So, with that in mind, cult ‘it’ girl brand With Jéan have revealed the second drop of their Lucky collection at just the right time. releasing February 28th, the collection features pieces Inspired by the brand’s last 7 years and includes a mix of all-time favourite garms, timeless classics, and some brand-new additions including their first ever pair of denim jeans. The collection will be available to shop on February 28 here.