“Worst verse ever recorded”: UK fans think Drake ruined J Hus’s new track

The two artists partnered up on ‘Who Told You?’ for their long-awaited collaboration.

There’s no denying that UK rap is on top right now. Dave and Central Cee’s ‘Sprinter’ recently had the biggest streaming debut on Spotify for any rap song worldwide in 2023, and now, J Hus has returned with his summertime anthem ‘Who Told You?’ – featuring none other than Drake himself. 

Fans have been clamouring for new music from J Hus ever since the release of his 2020 album, Big Conspiracy. Now, after a lifetime of teasing, he’s back. Last week, his first single from his upcoming album Don’t Say Militancy, ‘Crazy,’ dropped to huge fanfare. 

When Drake and J Hus teased a collaboration, fans understandably went into a frenzy, as many have been waiting for a collaboration ever since Drizzy brought out J Hus at an O2 Arena show in 2019. 

Well, the collab has finally arrived, and fans aren’t exactly pleased. The general consensus is that Drake adds nothing of value to the track, offering a lacklustre verse that detracts from the song’s vibe. “J Hus should release the track again without Drake and call it a remix,” wrote one fan. “Drake STINKS,” another put it bluntly. “Big big ‘Drake’ hopped on a J Hus track just to drop the worst verse ever recorded,” added a third.

The UK has always had a love-hate relationship with Drake. After working with the likes of Skepta and Giggs, Brits were glad to see the UK scene being highlighted by the biggest rapper in the States. However, as time went on and Drake fully entered his UK era – adopting a forced London accent and hopping on drill tracks – the consensus around the rapper started to change. And his performance on ‘Who Told You?’ probably won’t have done him any favours. 

As one user pointed out, though, once summer hits its peak and we’ve all got a drink in hand, people will start to feel differently about the track. “You’re telling me with a bit of sunshine & rum you won’t be bopping to the new J Hus & Drake? Liars,” tweeted one hopeful listener.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again with Drake verses in summer, and if you ask us, this one will be no different when all is said and done. Scroll on below for the best reactions to ‘Who Told You?’

WriterChris Saunders