This photographer is shedding light on Walthamstow’s vibrant and diverse community

Nathan Appleyard explores the communities living in the local area as it blossoms in the face of change.

Photographer Nathan Appleyard is inviting us to his hometown of Walthamstow, London to share the love he has for his local community. Having lived there for the past ten years, changes became noticeable to Appleyard after he relocated to a new flat in the area. “Walthamstow, although known for having a very beautiful and desirable village area, has a history of violence and crime like most areas in the city. On Wood Street this has crept back up with an attack in a local pub and a murder just around the corner,” Appleyard tells HUNGER. “I have always tried to photograph people in the local area and with this in mind I wanted to make images that celebrated the local community in a positive light and showcase the unique personalities and spirit of the individuals as I personally love the area and what it has to offer.” With an abundance of spirit, HUNGER visits the area through the lens of Appleyard.