The new hair trend is, wait for it, McDonald’s bangs

This summer’s hottest hair trend is McDonald’s bangs, and it’s much cleaner than you think…

The golden arches and fashion have had a long-time love affair, but the big M and hair? We are yet to meet its love match… that is until now. The newest summer hair trend has been dubbed ‘McDonald’s Bangs’, and is the newest ‘it’ girl ‘do with over 191k views on TikTok and users actually asking their stylists for the look.

The big bangs are all about volume, and aim to get the big side-sweeping pieces into an ‘M’ shape at the root – get it? The golden arches with some honey highlights are throwing it back to prime ‘70s hair, with choppy all-over layers and big bouncy curls to finish. 

Expert stylist Tyler Moore at Live True London says that unlike normal curtain bangs, this trend creates more volume than usual, as opposed to the normal swoop of a curtain bang.” Moore’s tips include keeping the hair super hydrated and full of moisture, and keeping the fringe slightly damp when blow drying. In an upward motion, the hair should be blown away from the face, and dried on either side then twisted out vertically, and, of course, letting the fringe fully cool down before releasing!

Heatless versions and quick roller tips are being shared online, with commenters praising users for sharing their hacks and calling them “game changers”. The go-to style icon for this ‘do is the queen of the ‘Clean Girls’ herself, Matilda Djerf, whose flowing golden locks create that perfect double arch at the root. She created a video showing how she gets look with rollers that she leaves in for around 30 minutes after blow-drying her hair. The essential part of it, however, is rolling the bangs away from the face, so it creates that big bounce that falls on either side. It seems that the ‘Clean Girl’ summer just got a Maccies upgrade. 

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditInstagram @matildadjerf