The Berlin fashion photographer inspired by the baroque movement

Marcel Nestler’s visuals demand that you look deeper.

There’s a tenderness, a vulnerability at the heart of his fashion portraits. Drawn to offbeat, imperfect beauty and curious faces – the Berlin based photographer finds inspiration from the Baroque movement and the Romantics  – “The depth, compositions and stories they were able to tell with just one image, at times where no photo/video or basically any visual communication was available if it wasn’t for them, are astonishing” he says.

Starting out in front of the lens as a model, Marcel travelled the world and developed a deep fascination with the spectrum of cultures he experienced. Born in West Germany in one of its poorest cities, photography was a route to a new life, and to bring into being the visions he had previously only been able to draw. “My aesthetic lies within the fragility of the ostensibly strong human kind” he says of his approach to portraiture.

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All imagesMarcel Nestler
WordsFiona Mahon