Stop what you’re doing – new Jeremy Allen White thirst traps just dropped

‘The Bear’ star was spotted on a topless run over the weekend, and fans are obsessed.

Sure, the weather may be woeful, but Jeremy Allen White has got us all hot and bothered. Shots of the actor have had the internet in a perpetual state of thirst, with White pictured going for a run wearing nothing but a pair of tiny shorts.

“If I had one wish it would it be to smoke a cigarette with Jeremy Allen White (anything we do after that is god’s will),” wrote one thirsty Twitter (or should we say X) user in response to the pics. “I wanna rub sunscreen on Jeremy Allen White’s body so badly,” added another. 

He may not have had much opportunity to show off the results of his training under those chef’s whites in The Bear, but thirsty fans still couldn’t get enough of his sleezy cook look

Luckily, it looks like we’ll be seeing much more of White’s toned physique as he is starring in A24’s upcoming wrestling saga, The Iron Claw, as Kerry Von Erich, one of the famous Von Erich fighting dynasty.

And while White enjoyed working alongside Zac Efron on the film, who got equally jacked to play “Golden Warrior” Kevin Von Erich, there was one aspect of getting in shape to play a professional wrestler that he really hated: “eating all the time” to support his intense workouts.

“It’s really just gross,” he told Esquire earlier this year. “You’re trying to consume as much as you possibly can, and, to be honest, you don’t feel great. I was training as well, but, I don’t know, trying to get that big, it’s no way to live.”

Meanwhile, the star is currently going through a divorce with Californication actress Addison Timlin. The couple were married for nearly four years and share two daughters, Ezer Billie, 4, and Dolores Wild, 2. Neither revealed a reason as to why they were going their separate ways after falling in love as teenagers.

WriterChris Saunders
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