Pete Davidson literally ‘eats shit’ in a new A24 stoner comedy

Gross 00s style comedies are back it would seem, and ‘Wizards!’ is spearheading the return.

A new era of the uber-gross comedy is here – and we aren’t mad about it. Throwback movies have become a staple for Gen Zers vying for a time gone by and a niche subgenre of that is the unhinged American classic. In 2023, the updated version apparently pushes boundaries further, evolving from the 2011 Bridesmaids vomit scene to Pete Davidson supposedly “eating shit”, just for the sake of it. The man of the moment is joined by German actor Franz Rogowski of 2021’s Great Freedom in this affair, dragging him along for the unusual ride. 

The anonymous film review page World of Reel has reported that during the test screening, the audience was shocked to find “a 5-minute moment of Rogowski eating a solid turd and Davidson eating liquid shit.” Interesting. 

The lowdown included an objective synopsis of the plot, reading a little something like: “Two loser friends who bought an island resort accidentally find a duffel bag full of cash after a guest disappears mysteriously and leaves clues to an island where it’s buried.” It evidently escalates, as one would expect from a production of A24 which has introduced the likes of mega-gruesome horror Pearl; a man-walrus adventure with Tusk; and the classic head-spinning happenings of Hereditary. Were we really expecting a tame dad joke or two?

The director of the new film Wizard! has also turned a few heads, with David Michôd known for the serious drama and crime series Animal Kingdom, as well as the critically-acclaimed 2019 historical drama The King featuring Timothee Chalamet. It’s a 180-degree switch, to say the least, but the cast is star-studded with some of Hollywood’s best – as to be expected for a Michôd project. 

It’s unknown as to their particular role, but Sean Harris, Naomi Scott, Rahel Romahn, and Orlando Bloom will be secondary characters. The latter has been papped on set, sporting a string khaki vest, bunched headband, and head of dreadlocks. 

The controversial comedy is yet to announce a release date, but predictions are coining for an official premiere in 2024. Not long until we get to see *that* scene on the big screen.

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditApatow Productions