Meet the Insta-artist blending high fashion and astrology

What does your Zodiac sign say about your style? 

Meet the new rock star of couture collage: Georgie Smith. The Guernsey-born, New York-based creative first caught our attention when designer du jour Michael Halpern re-grammed her work. Surreal and otherworldly, Smith’s dreamscapes oft incorporate astrological themes with a cinematic aesthetic: think The Wizard Of Oz meets David Lynch’s Wild At Heart.

“I relate a lot to the Surrealist movement of the 1920-30s,” Georgie tells HUNGER. “More so the early films of Luis Buñuel and Jean Cocteau.  I see my collages as mirroring our inner worlds and unseen forces in the natural world, in a sort of shamanic way – making the invisible, visible.

“I generally use present day images, which I feel are more relatable and accessible, rather than vintage pictures or known personalities, which already carry nostalgia and there own aesthetic.  I know I’m on the right track when a stranger writes to me and says your collages captures exactly how I feel.”

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Jupiter's Magic: “This is one of my personal favorites, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, luck and joy, she's sprinkling her magic out into the universe.”

On star players

“A strong theme in my work is Astrology, using the attributed qualities of the planets and the associated animals and elements to convey current feelings and energies.  More like songs, they capture an emotion; love, longing, heartache, hope, loneliness, etc.

Love is always the theme, like in life…  Many of my pieces are in a way self portraits, mirroring how I personally feel in the moment, which resonates with others, we all have a yearning for love, we all get our hearts broken, have places we wish we could escape to.”

Taste The Universe: “Scale is an important aspect in my way, it evokes an alternative way of seeing and thinking.”
'We All Shine On, Like The Moon, The Stars And The Sun'

On great music and film muses…

“Music continues to be a huge inspiration for me, there’s something about music and poetry that transcends reality, I love how a song can be about anything, there’s no pretence or limitations. It’s how it makes you feel and it triggers something deep inside you every time you hear it.  I often use song lyrics as titles, which sets the tone for the piece.  Songwriters I particular admire and often reference are David Bowie, Prince, Buffy Sainte Marie, Marc Bolan, Sade, Stevie Nicks and Jimi Hendrix to name a few.

Cinema is also a big influence, as a portal into other worlds, there’s nothing quite so magical as the moment Dorothy opens the door to the technicolor land of Oz.  One of my all time favourite movies, which also references The Wizard Of Oz, is David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, there’s one moment in particular that resonates with me, where Lula remarks, “This whole world’s wild at heart and weird on top.” There’s so much more to life than what meets the eye and we’re all connected, it’s sometimes hard to see through the consumer driven egocentric culture that spreads across the surface.”

'Miss Universe'
'There Must Have Been An Angel Playing With My Heart': “Like the title its the sense of angelic, spiritual guidance at play, which is a theme in many of my pieces, when you pay attention there's messages all around you, via nature, synchronicity, dreams etc.”
Under Venusian Skies: “Throughout the year my collages mirror the vibes of the current astrological season, this one being Libra Season, Libra ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and art, it’s a very feminine, romantic energy.”

On the future…

“I just recently started a tarot series, which I’m really enjoying. The tarot is so complex and mysterious, I’ve been causally dabbling in it for a while and now I’m really studying each card in depth, from those creating images of how I interpret their wisdom.

In the last year I’ve been given the opportunity to do commissions for some amazingly talented musicians, filmmakers, astrologers and fashion designers. I love the challenge of working with our peoples visions and I’m excited for future collaborations.”

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We Belong To The Stars
Urania: “I had no preconceived vision for this piece, but once I started seeing this girl emerge from a portal in the sky, she became the goddess Urania, the muse of Astronomy, she’s the lady of the stars.”
‘I Would Take The Stars Out Of The Sky For You: “One of those self portraits, expressing the enormity of love and longing.”
Ep Album Cover for Strange Majik’s ‘Channel T’: “This was a commission for Strange Majik’s Ep ‘Channel T’, Strange Majik aka David Pattillo is an amazing blues/rock musician/songwriter and a long time friend in New York City. The album is heavily socially conscious, I feel there’s a commentary/anxiety on the questions of past verses future, nature verses technology and how we’re moving forward, which I really relate to. The final image was based on a previous collage I did, that was very similar but with the moon in the girl’s mouth, we felt the earth was more powerful and appropriate for the album concept. Plus not only is my art on the cover but those are also my lips!”
ArtworkCourtesy of Georgie Smith. Used by permission.
TextEmma Firth