Margot Robbie just got offered 250k for feet pics

A foot fetish site owner has promised the actor she could make millions.

Sure, Margot Robbie may be rumoured to be earning around $50m for her role in the Barbie movie, but she could be in for a bit more cash if she takes up an offer from Fun With Feet.

As you probably guessed, Fun With Feet is a feet pic selling platform, and its owner has extended an invite to the Australian actor to join their empire in exchange for top dollar.

Fun With Feet creator Liz says they are willing to give Robbie £250,000 to sign up and sell her feet pictures to willing fans.

In a letter to the 33-year-old star, the platform founder said (via Perth Now): “My name is Liz and I make thousands selling feet pics on Fun With Feet… I also look a lot like you. Barbie is all women, but we really are Barbie – Stereotypical Barbie, anyway. I would love to collaborate with you on some Barbie-inspired content that’ll earn us both millions. Plus, Fun with Feet is offering to pay you £250K as a starting bonus. If I’m right, we’ll be able to capitalise on our likeness – and the world’s obsession with all things Barbie – to no end, all thanks to our feet!

Liz signed off the letter saying “we were made for this,” which sounds rather ominous, as if Robbie’s whole existence comes down to providing feet pics for the masses. 

Her Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling is also being headhunted by Liz in the hopes the Canadian actor will upload some images of his toes to the platform.

Liz said: “If you would be interested in co-creating some amazing Ken and Barbie-themed foot content and earning millions from our collab, I’d love to set up a foot-fetish-friendly Kenland – a utopia for my customers – and get going.”

While it might not match their earnings from Hollywood earnings, it could be a nice little add-on to the bank account. Then again, they would have to work with Liz, who even for a foot fetish site owner, seems way too invested in her role.

WriterChris Saunders
Banner Image CreditWarner Bros.