Kourtney Kardashian slammed as ‘misogynist’ for launching vitamin for vagina ‘taste’

The reality star is facing huge backlash, with one gynaecologist calling her a “misogynist and awful person.”

Kourtney Kardashian‘s latest business venture has sparked a huge backlash. The reality TV star has been accused of being a “misogynist and awful person” thanks to her promoting a new vaginal health gummy to her millions of fans.

Kardashian launched Lemme on Instagram, encouraging her followers to “give your vagina the sweet treat it deserves (and turn it into a sweet treat).” But medical professionals have suggested the supplement is unnecessary with one gynaecologist even calling the Poosh founder’s new wellness product “a grift.”

Taking to Instagram on Monday night, Kardashian shared a promotional video for the product. “Your [cat emoji] is going to love this… Meet Lemme Purr: our new vaginal health gummy,” the caption begins.

“Vaginal health is such an important part of a woman’s overall well-being (and not talked about enough) which is why we are so excited to launch this! Give your vagina the sweet treat it deserves (and turn it into a sweet treat). You know what they say… you are what you eat.”

The post – shared on both Kardashian and Lemme’s pages – continues to claim: “We combined real pineapple and Vitamin C with the power of clinically-studied SNZ 1969™ probiotics to target vaginal health and pH levels that support freshness and taste.

Instagram users rushed to the comment section to express their concerns over the product. “I need a gynaecologist to tell me this is okay to take,” one wrote, while another added, “This is ridiculous. It’s not supposed to smell or taste sweet. If it does, something is wrong. Don’t buy into this nonsense!” A third stated, “Omg this is absolutely unethical and unnecessary.”

Dr Jen Gunter, a gynaecologist and author of The Vagina Bible, shared a lengthy response to Kardashian’s product, accusing the star of misogyny and promoting a grift. “Just another vaginal scam, this one brought to you by the aspirational Kardashian empire,” the doctor told her Instagram followers. 

“Block. Ignore. Don’t engage because that feeds the algorithm. Anyone who suggests that your vagina isn’t fresh or needs an improved taste is a misogynist and awful person, and yes, that includes you @kourtneykardash and your @lemme grift.”

She went on to add, “Weaponizing the patriarchy for profit is misogyny. Your vagina is terrific. If you think you have a health condition, consult an expert, not a Kardashian.”

WriterChris Saunders
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