Joyce Ng is the young fashion photographer on the rise


A rising star within today’s fashion landscape, Joyce Ng uses street-casted models, natural environments and props to create images which feel both familiar, yet surreal.

In January 2019, the Asian-born, London-based photographer will showcase a new series of works at Somerset House as part of a joint show Hanna Moon & Joyce Ng: English as a Second Language.

The Central Saint Martins graduate is part of a new guard of fashion photographers redefining the genre, shifting our perceptions of beauty, style and taste.

Check out more of Joyce Ng’s work on Instagram @joyceszeng


Face Value for Numero China (c) Joyce Ng
The Stack of Lohan for 1 Granary, 2017 (c) Joyce Ng
To Glide Between Trees for Yat Mit Campaign, 2018 (c) Joyce Ng
You Are My Lucky Baby Pear for Modern Weekly, 2018 (c) Joyce Ng
Photography (c) Joyce Ng, courtesy of Somerset House
TextEmma Firth