JGrrey breaks down her introspective and genre defying new EP, ‘If Not Now’

The singer-songwriter returns with a new sense of musical freedom following a period of self-discovery.

Multi-talented musician JGrrey recently dropped their soulful, wonderfully produced and impressively versatile EP, If Not Now – arriving as a culmination of an extensive period of personal development for the singer. 

After gaining notoriety for her incredible COLORS performance of ‘Don’t Fade’ in 2017, the star found herself opening for the likes of Billie Eilish in 2019, the same year in which she’d go onto release her critically acclaimed debut EP, Grreydaze. That release would set the precedent for the artist’s musical identity in which she’d showcase unwavering vulnerability, alongside buttery-smooth vocals and a keen eye for experimental production.

Now, after years of sharpening the tools in her arsenal, JGrrey’s latest EP is the strongest showing of her undeniable talents yet. From introspective slow jams to rebellious punk infused bangers, the musician serves up a wonderfully eclectic musical serving. After her hiatus, JGrrey has returned with a point to prove – and she’s certainly more than done that.

Here, JGrrey breaks down the inspirations, meanings and messages behind each track from If Not Now…

Image Credit: Leanda Heler


‘When?’ feels like a really nice opener to the project, it doesn’t have much of a pace and it’s really open. When I add up the amount of time I have waited for a man to change his attitude towards me, or his anger toward me, or just add up the time I’ve wasted expecting any amount of respect from them, it totals half my life. And I wonder why I waited so long, wondering, ‘When?’


Working with Owen Cutts, sampling my friend Harry, who is a multi-instrumentalist, and then having Zombie Juice from Flatbush Zombies jump on it is really beautiful – a true international link-up. It’s sample-based jazz with a hip-hop feel, a really beautiful track. 


‘Theirs13’ is really jazzy, and I am so excited for people to continue to listen to it and take it in. I think it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever made.


‘May’ felt like a song I had to get off my chest, something I needed to say, something that felt so impossible to process, yet ‘May’ helped me.


Have you ever rolled and lit it at 9:30am on a Wednesday? That’s ‘Superrfly’. It’s easy, breezy, and stupid. It’s nostalgic and not entirely that real.


​​​​’Boys?’ has a fucking heavy, metal, really gritty punky sound. There’s so much scope to it.

Sick Of Me 

‘Sick of Me’ is for anyone feeling different. Anyone who hasn’t been able to or prevented from living their truth. First, they laugh, and then they copy, you’re obsessed with us, you’re scared of us. What you couldn’t possibly imagine or fathom you are scared of, and that’s hilarious to me. 

Marble Flaws

‘Marble Flaws’ was written by Jay Lewn, and it’s a timeless track and a great way to end the project. I’ve fallen out of love so many times I think I might have started to romanticise it, and I think this would be the soundtrack. 

Image CreditLeanda Heler