Jennifer Lawrence is bringing back the 00s rom-com era we all deserve

Lawrence stars in the new coming-of-age comedy, ‘No Hard Feelings’, and the internet is more than excited to see the actress in her element.

The Oscar-winning star Jennifer Lawrence is gracing our screens again in the new comedy No Hard Feelings, this time as the feisty Uber driver Maddie, who takes up the offer to date the animal shelter volunteer Percy, played by newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman. The raunchy coming-of-age comedy is based on Lawrence’s character answering a craigslist ad to date a pre-college student, who needs to be brought out of his shell. With her naturally funny personality, the trailer is proving reminiscent of prime 00s comedy cinema, and it’s safe to say Lawrence fans are excited. “Jennifer Lawrence reviving the early 2000’s comedies. Fun cinema is BACK,” says one Twitter user

It’s giving a Superbad meets Weird Science, with a hint of that 00s rom-com charm that cinema fans have been craving. “Jennifer Lawrence being hot and funny is all I need from a film so my ticket is sold,” another user commented. “No, fr a movie where Jennifer Lawrence plays a hot and dumb character is EXACTLY what I need. Cinema is back [sic],” a third agrees

Alongside Lawrence, the cast includes Andrew Barth Feldman (known for High School Musical: The Series) playing the inexperienced Percy, as well as Matthew Broderick as his father and Natalie Morales as his mother. Directed by Gene Stupintsky, who co-wrote Bad Teacher (2011) with Cameron Diaz and directed the comedy Good Boys (2019) about the adventures of a pre-teen, this throwback to golden 00s comedy is in good hands as viewers gear up to watch No Hard Feelings, which will be out in cinemas on June 23rd. 

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image Credit'No Hard Feelings' trailer