HUNGER’s MVP of the week

Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar...

This week, we kick off MVP with the exciting news that the new limited edition Jean-Michel Basquiat book is now on sale, signed by photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron – the woman who captured some of the most intimate images of the artist alongside Andy Warhol. The poignant introductory essay by Francesco Clemente outlines the story of the book, which starts on December 1984 when Jeannette was invited by Bruno Bischofberger to photograph Basquiat in his Great Jones Street Studio in New York City. With just a birdcage, a chair, and unfinished paintings as props, Jeannette shot three rolls of 120 film. And now, the works are being published for the first time ever, with an exclusive viewing of the complete sittings from 1984 to 1985 alongside a commentary on the world of Basquiat. As Jeannette tells HUNGER how she feels now was the right time after “these images have been sitting in my file cabinet for way too long”, this book has been released with the photographer’s hopes to “show a deeper, more spiritual side to Jean-Michel”. Jeanette’s never before seen insight into the life of one of culture’s most famous artists is finally being shared, and she tells us how she hopes “you can see from the photographs of Jean-Michel and Andy together that they were really great buddies and collaborators at that point. They were getting great energy from one another.” Aspiring artists and fan’s of Basquiat’s beautiful works can now purchase the 64-page JMB book can now be purchased at NJG Studio online.

Up next on HUNGER’s MVP, alcohol brand BACARDÍ Rum is inviting Londoners to a multi-sensory, immersive cocktail experience this week. Their Caribbean Flavour Rooms will transport you to the tropics on this rum-tasting journey, with tasting notes of the new BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced product which will include flavours of pineapple, vanilla, coconut, and cinnamon. For this Saturday and Sunday on the 3rd and 4th of June, the rooms will open in Shoreditch and feature spaces filled with vanilla clouds as well as the likes of a coconut chamber and pineapple portal. Each is filled with a specially designed sensory system to stimulate the brain receptors for an interactive adventure with their new rum, alongside a bespoke cocktail created by some of London’s best bartenders. Tickets are now available to pre-order via Secret London, with slots available from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Finally, on this week’s MVP, headphone company Urbanears have launched their new noise-cancelling true wireless earphones, which are supported by their new app. The Urbanears Juno has been created to provide high value and quality with new features like noise cancellation and an accompanying app with software updates for a longer lifetime and personal customisation. With the design being their most technically progressive to date, the pieces are made from post-consumer recycled plastic waste, and include a feature that allows the listener to drop in or out of surroundings with just one tap on the earbud. The app also means this completely customisable approach lives in the digital world, with touch controls keeping the headphones up to date and lasting longer than ever before. Keeping it simple to use, Urbanears is dedicated to inspiring a better sound system in your life – and you can purchase your own pair of Urbanears Juno on the 8th of June online here.