Here’s everything we know about Darren Aronofsky’s A24 Elon Musk biopic

It was recently announced the acclaimed director will helm the highly anticipated project.

In the grand scheme of history, Elon Musk’s full story feels like it has many more chapters left to go, but that isn’t stopping A24 from making a big, flashy biopic about him.

Variety has confirmed that acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky will take the reins on the project for A24. Recently, off the Oscars buzz of 2022’s The Whale, which nabbed Brendan Fraser his glorious comeback golden statue, Aronofsky has made a name for helming uncomfortable dramas inspecting the grim realities of its subjects.

The film will be based on Musk’s biography by Walter Isaacson, which was released last year. It’s not the first time Isaacson has taken a tech mogul to task, with his book on Steve Jobs providing the basis for Michael Fassbender’s 2015 film.

Apparently, there was a tight bidding war for Isaacson’s book (Twitter can’t relate) on the tech billionaire. The book came about after the writer shadowed Musk for two years, during which he conducted interviews with the Tesla and SpaceX mogul as well as friends and family. Isaacson was also around when Musk decided to buy Twitter, witnessing his transformation from billionaire to glorified internet shitposter and king of controversy. After topping the bestseller list, it was only a matter of time before the book, which also chronicles Musk’s upbringing as well as his later life as the world’s richest man, came to life.

With only a director currently attached to the project, it will be a while before we see the film come to fruition. But don’t expect this convo to fade out any time soon, as we haven’t even considered the biggest question yet: who will play Elon Musk?

David Fincher’s take on Mark Zuckerburg launched Jesse Eisenberg into the mainstream, while Danny Boyles’s inspection of Steve Jobs saw Fassbender take on the seminal role. Who Aronofsky ropes in to take on the foibles of Mr M

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