Go inside Alexis Hunter’s posthumous exhibition exploring power dynamics in society

Sexual Welfare is the first solo presentation of Alexis Hunter's work in the the UK since 2006.

Exploring sexual politics, power dynamics in society and gender stereotypes, Sexual Welfare is a posthumous exhibition of Alexis Hunter’s work from the 1970s, and the first solo presentation of her work in the UK since 2006. Opening today at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art the exhibition will feature iconic photographs including Models Revenge (1974), Dialogue with a Rapist (1978) and Object Series (1974-5).

Hunter quickly became an influential figure in the feminist art movement in Britain and her work has stood the test of time. Drawing on the violence  society. Her images draw upon the violence within capitalism’s abuse of gender stereotypes and sexuality for the pursuit of profit, themes finding renewed prominence in today’s post #MeToo and further cementing Hunter’s relevance.

Also included in the exhibition will be pieces from Hunter’s archive including sketches, contact sheets, notes, slides and books that offer a deeper understanding of the artist’s perspective and personality.

Sexual Welfare supported by the Alexis Hunter Estate, Simon Bishop and the Alexis Hunter Exhibition Circle. The exhibition runs until February 3 at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art in Lewisham

all imagescourtesy of the Alexis Hunter estate