girl in red: Behind The Lens

Think girl in red is just a musician? Think again, and listen up as the musician delves into her passion for film photography.

I’ve been into photography since I was 19. That’s when I got my first film camera and I started taking pictures. Now, it’s kind of an on and off thing. Sometimes I have periods where every time I go out, I just see things in frames and if I go out without my camera, I feel like I’m missing something I’ll also go months without taking any pictures because I don’t see anything that sparks anything.

My photography was candid pictures of my friends in like 2019 and now it’s taking pictures of crazy stuff on the ground. That sounds really weird, but I’m just really into concrete and stuff that looks dirty or like it’s been worn down over a very long time. I want to do something with all of it at some point because I’ve been developing too much film and spent too much money on it for [my photos] not to go anywhere.

I would love to photograph someone and maybe take pictures of someone else for their project but I wouldn’t want to make [photography] my job, I need hobbies. Music was my hobby and now it’s my job, I want to keep something just for me.

Check out some of girl in red’s photography below. Want more of girl in red’s digital takeover? Read her cover interview and culture picks.

Wordsgirl in red / Marie Ulven
As told toMegan Wallace
Photographer for cover imageNicole Ngai