From Charlotte Tilbury to Experimental Perfume Club, here’s HUNGER’s guide to the best of British beauty

With the King's Coronation tomorrow, HUNGER is shining a light on the best homegrown UK businesses you can support this historical milestone. Britain is a major player in the beauty industry, with mainstream brands and small independent brands both stepping up to celebrate their heritage.

Fussy Deodorant | £12 to subscribe at Fussy

Everyone’s favourite vegan cruelty-free cult-deodorant brand Fussy is serving up three limited edition scents inspired by the quintessentially British Afternoon tea. The sustainable personal care innovators are throwing a right royal bash with scents like Cucumber and mint, Victoria sponge, and jasmine and green tea. With premium ingredients to neutralise any odour, this Afternoon Tea collection is quite simply fit for a King! Posh pits at the ready, remember to apply with your pinky out.

Matte Revolution Coronation Red | £29 at Charlotte Tilbury

British beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury is releasing a limited edition Matte Revolution lipstick in the most regal shade of them all, Coronation Red. Launching in 2013 by Charlotte Tilbury MBE, the iconic beauty entrepreneur has long held a desire to empower everyone everywhere, framed by her 30 years working in fashion. Marking this historical milestone for Britain, Tilbury announced the partnership between her company and The Prince’s Trust – a charity that supports workers in building a better future for young people. By reflecting the belief that we should all have access to the tools required to unlock our confidence and conquer the world, every sale of the lush Coronation red lippie will donate £29 to The Prince’s Trust to help transform young lives.

Discovery Set Essential | £50 at Experimental Perfume Club

In Prince Harry’s most recent memoir, ‘Spare’, he decided to get candid about his father’s choice of fragrance, suggesting that His Majesty has always used one cologne that he has dubbed his go-to personal scent. Luckily for us, Experimental Perfume Club has created an ode to the man himself just in time for the upcoming Coronation. ‘Smell Like a King’ is a rich leathery fragrance with a powerful and sultry scent. The limited edition release is inspired by Gentleman’s clubs (think whiskey, cigars, and absinthe). Made with wormwood oil and Cypriol root for an earthy undertone, it is bolstered by Virginia, Atlas Cedar, and patchouli with additions of tobacco notes.

Bath Oil | £39.50 at Olverum

Rumoured to be the bath oil used by the King, there is no better therapeutic oil to get you ready for the Coronation than Olverum. Its unique blend rebalances skin, revives muscles, and opens stuffy airways. The iconic formula is cruelty-free, vegan, and naturally free of petrochemicals, containing extracts from ten carefully selected aromatic plants. The rights to the formula were recently handed over to the Hawkslet family-based, famed for their London perfumery Les Senteurs, who are bringing the tradition to a new gen of beauty enthusiasts. Not only that, but the brand is a favourite of the royal household, so it is more than Coronation approved.

Rosa absolute bath and shower gel | £20 at Molton Brown

Molton Brown revels in their uniquely British style of fragrance making by sticking to their founders’ values. Chosen as part of the Bicester Village’s Best of British brands, Molton Brown lives by their ‘individual first’ ethos with their products made in England since its inception. Born on South Molton Street in 1971, they source the best ingredients for long-lasting fragrances, resulting in a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. With their own manufacturing facility in Elsenham, these beauty champions are devoted to their British heritage through and through. 

Grounding Vata Body Oil | £62 at Bourii

Botanical skincare brand Bourii is sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients to restore your body and soul. With a focus on Ayurvedic science rooted in ancestry, they are redefining ancient beauty rituals for the modern day. Bourii works with family-run suppliers in the UK who are committed to protecting local communities and their environment. By promoting local British agriculture and contributing to sustainable development projects, Bourii is committed to utilising the most that the country has to offer, combining its ethos with extensively researched skin science for the ultimate guilt-free skincare routine.

British Tale | £110 at Penhaligon’s

The British perfume house Penhaligon’s has been chosen as part of the Bicester Village’s Best of British brands list – and no perfumer has as many royal ties as these. Founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, he became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria herself. They have proudly served the Royal family throughout their 150-year history, and during the late Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, added two more Royal warrants to its name: the Duke of Edinburgh was added in 1956 and HRH The Prince of Wales in 1988 (His Majesty The King). With scents inspired by the Royals themselves, there’s no dose of Britishness quite like Penhaligon’s perfume this Coronation. 

Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil | £33 at Pai

Since its founding in 2007, Pai has proudly formulated, manufactured, and packaged in-house from its London HQ. Known for using the most powerful natural ingredients without compromise, the brand has surpassed outsourcing and taken ownership of every single step of its process. With a complete product information guide, Pai is certified B Corporation as well as Vegan Society, Cruelty-Free International, and London Living Wage accredited. Founded by Sarah Brown, it is her mission to become fully accredited across all aspects of the business to ensure consumers that Pai is doing the best it can for your skin. Royal treatment if there ever was any!

New Leaf Body Cleanser | £23 at Kankan

The best of British beauty is all about utilising local resources, and with Kankan, their small batch ethos is all made by UK-based artisans dedicated to remaining pal oil and cruelty-free, as well as vegan. The brand is on a mission to make refills a mainstream option for beauty and wellness lovers to help reduce single-use plastics in the home. Furthermore, a perfect way to spruce up your home and impress the guests you’re having this Coronation with a range of scents and refills.

Creamy Jelly Cleanser | £9.99 at Byoma

British skincare brand Byoma is less about stripping skin, and all about building the barrier. Developed by founder Marc Elrick, Byoma was born in the 2020 lockdown when he immersed himself in the science behind the skin. Through extensive research, he realised that better skin stems from a boosted barrier, and wanted to merge that with accessible approachable skincare that helped educate customers on what they were actually putting on their face and body.

The Body | £44 at TanLuxe

There’s nothing more British than having to faux the ultimate glow, right? When Byoma founder Marc Elrick first started in the beauty industry, he wanted to revolutionise the way we approach our fake tan. If we can customise our make-up, why can’t we our tan? Non-toxic, cruelty-free, and with natural tanning active ingredients, British-born and based TanLuxe puts you in control. And with a seamless application and non-transfer to the sheets formula, you won’t be going streaky this Coronation that’s for sure.

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditCharlotte Tilbury