Fancy raving in IKEA? That dream will soon be a reality

The company behind Printworks is set to open a super-club in a disused London store from the furniture brand.

It’s safe to say that wandering into an IKEA is up there with some of the finer experiences in life. There’s the iconic meatballs, endless aisles of flatpack furniture, and a gallery of fake living rooms to lose yourself in – life doesn’t get much better than that. Well, unless you throw a nightclub into the mix, of course. And that’s exactly what’s happening at a disused IKEA in Tottenham. Sadly, you won’t find any furniture still lying around to jump around on during your drunken escapades, so, unfortunately, you’ll just have to use your imagination. 

The venue is slated to become the city’s next large-capacity club, with the 608,000 sq ft building set to hold 15,000 party-goers. The project, set to be named Drumsheds, is headed by the same team behind the iconic, and recently closed, Printworks and will showcase a “carefully curated programme of music, arts, culture and community.” Overall, it will become one of the largest venues in the UK, surpassing the likes of 10,250-capacity Alexandra Palace and 12,500-capacity Wembley Arena.

“Guests will be able to see the old lift shafts, loading bays, sprawling floors and machinery as they transition through the impressive space,” said Broadwick, the company behind Printworks.

“We want Drumsheds, like all the spaces we create, to be new centres of cultural gravity that provide the basis for human connection. A connection that people crave now more than ever,” added the company’s director of strategy, Simeon Aldred.

Printworks said goodbye to London back in April following plans by Southwark Council to redevelop the area. Despite a 10,000-strong petition calling for plans to be scrapped, the council went ahead with the plans. Although Broadwick intends to reopen the space in 2026, there are yet to be any concrete plans set in place.

WriterChris Saunders
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