Dior channels Frida Kahlo in their Cruise 2024 collection

Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri celebrated the legacy of the iconic artist throughout her collection.

Dior’s latest show drew inspiration from the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and traditions. The vibrant Mexican capital hosted the Dior show, unveiling its latest Cruise 2024 collection in the central courtyard of the Old College of San Ildefonso, which witnessed the birth of the muralist movement and housed the iconic masterpieces of Diego Rivera.

The spectacle celebrated the artistic genius of Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s and the world’s most significant figures, and paid homage to her enduring legacy.

At the press conference for the fashion show, Maria Grazia Chiuri expressed her profound appreciation for Mexico. The admiration of the French house for the Latin American country, and Chiuri’s love for Mexican art and culture, goes beyond just a collection.

“Surrealism has always been a big part of Dior, and Frida has always been very close to me, not only in terms of fashion but in terms of the heart,” expressed Chiuri.

“For women, clothing is part of our language. Through clothing, we express ourselves… Frida understood the power of clothing to express oneself and used them as a voice,” she shared. Frida Kahlo fought for equality in a male-dominated world and was a precursor to gender liberation. Ahead of her time, she constantly questioned her sexuality and masculinized her appearance, leaving a mark in the art world and fashion. “Frida did not accept limits. Despite her disabilities, she created herself. That’s why she is the most important female artist in the world,” Chiuri added.

Frida was famously known for her independence and unapologetic individuality, and the luxury brand’s latest collection is overflowing with pieces matching that personality, with reimagined tuxedos and velvet floor-sweeping skirts joining sleek jackets with exaggerated shoulders and elaborate detailing.

WriterChris Saunders
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