Chemtrails over the Waffle House? Lana Del Rey spotted serving coffee at chain

The superstar is apparently opting for the simpler life as she clocks in for a breakfast shift.

Lana Del Rey may have nine studio albums, a headline spot at Glasto, and one of the busiest sets at BST Hyde Park, but she is really just like us. This week, she was spotted working at the American restaurant chain Waffle House in Alabama – following the picture of her posing with a fan at a Birmingham nail salon. 

She was filmed clocking in for a shift behind the counter, as she made coffee with a uniform and name tag to complete the look. The 38-year-old star looked rather at home behind the till, sauntering around with her phone and telling someone to be careful whilst filming.

“Oh God, Charlie don’t film him without his permission,” she says. A user who lived in the area shared the meeting on his Facebook alongside a selfie of the pair together. He posted: “To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! I have been a huge fan of Lana Del Rey for over a decade so meeting her today was truly insane.” 

Users are already creating memes of the star’s shift, with no one really sure why she was there. Maybe she is doing some method work to keep up the average Americana girl-next-door persona? Serving customers and refilling cups, local recording studios had said she wasn’t working on any new music with them to the local news site AL, and perhaps we will never know why she opted for a shift at the Waffle House. Regardless, wherever you may be this summer, bets are that Del Rey could be appearing in your local area in no time at all.

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image Credit'Lust For Life' album cover