Burberry’s new era is a love letter to Britishness

The social media of the British fashion house was wiped clean this week as fashion fans were left wondering where the brand was headed next…

This morning, Burberry creative director Daniel Lee released his new campaign for the British luxury house Burberry, featuring their old logo and new stars as the face of the brand. 

In his first creative campaign, Lee took to Instagram in anticipation of his debut collection at London Fashion Week in two weeks’ time. Lee has previously been the creative director of the Italian brand Bottega Veneta, where he similarly deleted their social media in 2021.

Perhaps recruited for his abilities to rebrand, Lee’s new campaign with Burberry focused on existing designs, with the return of the equestrian knight logo that was removed by Italian designer Riccardo Tisci in 2018. 

Social media was alight with excitement as the posts filed out, and rumours of Lee’s new outlook swirled in the digital fashion sphere. Lennon Gallagher, Raheem Sterling, Liberty Ross, Shygirl, Skepta, and Vanessa Redgrave were among the new faces of the brand. The campaign is pushing the idea of British-born talent, as it was shot by Tyrone Lebon in classic London destinations like Trafalgar Square and Albert Bridge.

Many fans of Burberry are excited about this new direction. So as the brand harks back to its roots in classic British fashion, Daniel Lee is harnessing upcoming talent for that perfect balance, as Burberry announces they are officially back in business.

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditBurberry's Instagram