Brooklyn Beckham shows off his culinary prowess with a blow-torched cheese toastie

The social media chef has become known for his wild and wacky cooking adventures.

Aspiring chef Brooklyn Beckham has once again shown off his culinary skills online to his millions of followers to drool over: this time it’s a cheese toastie grilled with a blow torch.

The budding chef, and son of David and Victoria Beckham, regularly posts short snippets of his cooking ventures on his social media. But this time, he’s baffled fans more than ever before after blow-torching a cheese toastie for seemingly no apparent reason. 

On Tuesday, Beckham shared his ultimate gourmet grilled cheese sandwich recipe. “Lunch today!” he wrote on Instagram. “@chosenfoods avocado oil and mayo are the secrets to a crispy and delicious grilled cheese.”

The video begins with Beckham chopping up onions and frying them in some avocado oil in a pan before adding mushrooms. All by the book so far.

“Tiny bit of salt,” he says before throwing a massive handful of salt over the vegetables, practically drying them out altogether.

He then spreads thick slices of sourdough bread with mayonnaise before frying it in a pan, where he layered up onion, mushroom and cheese inside the sandwich.

It’s all looking relatively straightforward for a cheese toastie tutorial until Beckham unveils the final step of his riveting cooking tutorial: a blow torch. Obviously, the toastie has already been heated up in Beckham’s frying pan, so fans were questioning why he added such an “extra” step to a very simple recipe.

“Did my man just blowtorch a cheese toastie?” commented one person, while another added: “so extra for a sandwich.”

“LMAO THE BLOWTORCH,” joked another, as one person added: “Blowtorching pieces of toast. So Unnecessary.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that fans have poked fun at Beckham’s cooking skills. More recently, he was mocked by fans after they spotted a cooking technique that involved putting a wine cork in the cooking pot when he was cooking a spaghetti bolognese. 

WriterChris Saunders
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