Best Seat In The House

Rankin and WaterAid have teamed up to celebrate toilets, proper sanitation, and to raise awareness about the importance of loos for communities all around the world.

According to WaterAid, about 1.7 billion people around the world don’t have access to a decent toilet. That equates to 1 in 5 people who go without access to a proper loo every day. Without an efficient way to get rid of waste, communities are at an increased risk of being exposed to diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. As well as this, the safety, dignity and hygiene of women and girls in these areas are compromised. 

“When girls don’t have decent toilets in schools, they’re forced to stay home when they’re on their periods, missing out on their education and future career prospects. It’s almost impossible to have your period hygienically without a decent loo,” WaterAid says. 

Access to toilets is a human right. That’s why Rankin has teamed up with WaterAid in order to draw light on the issues that one fifth of the population face, and to bring about necessary change through creativity and awareness. 

In celebration of World Toilet Day 2021, Rankin and the charity have presented a series of toilet designs from a diverse group of 25 celebrities and artists, such as Martin Parr, Boy George, Val Garland, and Liaqat Rasul. 

The pieces range from toilet seats with bright red lips (titled: kiss my ****), gold-washed bogs, to Daisy Collingridge’s distinct, mildly uncomfortable textile art and Boy George’s Piss And Love design. 

“The toilet really is the Best Seat in the House, and that’s what we want to show through this campaign. Toilets can make us feel a little uncomfortable. Using the toilet seat as a canvas is an accessible and engaging way to put the spotlight on toilets and get people talking about them. The designs are fun, but carry an important message – that everyone everywhere needs a decent toilet. And by supporting WaterAid, we can help get toilets into schools around the world so children can build a better future” – Rankin

Check out the designs below and keep an eye on WaterAid’s Instagram to find out more

By Boy George
By Boy George
By Charlotte Colbert
By Liaqat Rasul
By George Morton-Clark
By Gina Soden
By Harry Hill
By Harry Hill
By Haseebah Ali
By Hayden Kays
By Jessica Albarn
By Joe Sweeney
By Laila Majid
By Daisy Collingridge
By Martin Parr
By Nettie
By Ozwald Boateng
By Pam Hogg
By Pure Evil
By Roo Dhissou
By Seema Mattu
By Soozy Lipsey
By Val Garland
By Dame Zandra Rhodes