Axel Arigato X Keith Haring

The Swedish lifestyle brand has tapped creatives Heather Glazzard and Nora Nord for a campaign celebrating their new collaborative capsule collection and the positive power of love.

Swedish lifestyle brand Axel Arigato, has teamed up with the Keith Haring Studio for a unisex collection celebrating queer individuality and the power of love.

Harnessing the rich history of Haring’s queer advocacy and vibrant legacy of the pop artist’s urban graffiti, the campaign features London LGBTQIA+ creatives including musician Gia Ford, dancer Sakeema and musician Sasha Keable.

Photographed in London by photographer Heather Glazzard, with an accompanying video by Nora Nord, the campaign intimately portrays 7 LGBTQIA+ couples and asks them to reflect on what Haring and Pride means to them.

Speaking of the campaign, Glazzard said: “Keith Haring, among other queer artists at the time in the NYC subculture […] have been a huge inspiration for my work. His work reminds me of how important it is for queer artists to communicate through visual language. Keith carved the way for people like me and his legacy just his art but everything he stood for.”

During the first 2 weeks of the campaign launching, a portion of sale proceeds will be donated to Albert Kennedy Trust, a London based charity which was formed in 1989 to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. This is the second year Axel Arigato has partnered with AKT to raise awareness for this organisation, and the important work that they do.

The capsule collection features minimal products, all featuring embroidery of some of Haring’s iconic figures and motifs.  Unisex, organic cotton tracksuits featuring the dancing heart motif come in three colourways; this particular figure portrayed in the artists drawings symbolises an optimistic belief in humanity and the power of love. This figure also appears on the Clean 90 sneakers, along with Haring’s signature on the heel, in neutral colourways of black, white and beige. The bomber jacket, made of wool and vegan PU leather combines all the icons together with Axel Arigato’s flagship Soho store address.


See some of our favourite images from the campaign below and shop the collection here