Another Drake meme has the internet in a chokehold

The rapper spawned yet another viral moment in a recent freestyle alongside Central Cee.

In a long-awaited collaboration, Drake and Central Cee finally got on the mic together for an On The Radar freestyle. Given the magnitude of both artists, it’s not surprising that the freestyle went immediately viral. But there’s one segment (or should we say word) that fans love the most.

Less than a minute into the video, before any rapping had begun, Drake builds fans up with his usual chatting, “Some madness and badness. Combination.”

All it took was that last word – “combination” spoken in a debatable UK accent, we might add – and the internet had found its new reaction. And they ran with it.

The clip from Drake and Central Cee’s freestyle is making rounds on Twitter as we speak, used for relatable tweets involving this-or-that scenarios like lamb or chicken doner at a kebab shop. The answer? UK Drake says “combination.”

At this point, it’s fair to say Drake is the king of memes. Over the years, the rapper has birthed memes from his music – including the infamous ‘Hotline Bling’ and more recently ‘Rich Flex’ – and general personality, like the ‘Drake the type of fella’ memes or making up your own Drake soft boi style captions.

Over are the days of island Drake. UK Drake is officially here, whether we like it or not. Wonder if he’ll be around For All the Dogs? Hmm.


WriterChris Saunders