Akoni’s latest eyewear collection is an ode to innovation and sleek modernism

The artisan brand unveiled a new collection of frames, meticulously crafted in Japan.

The Akoni group, founded in 2019, brings together artists and designers with one shared vision: to create reliable, visually beautiful and luxurious eyewear. The new collection embodies Akoni’s ethos for fine quality eyewear and sophisticated, elegant design. The brand has blended precision engineering with architectural design in its new collection, creating a aesthetically and practically divine range. Their latest collection is inspired by modern-age design and innovation, pulling from influences such as Andy Warhol and Italian designer Gio Ponti.

Jack wears AKONI Ulysses in Solid Black Japanese acetate with gold titanium

The Virgo frames hark back to the daring shapes and patterns used by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol in the 1960s, creating a bold, stand-out set of glasses not dissimilar to the types Briggete Bardot would famously don on the coast of St Tropez. The use of Orange Japanese Acetate gives a warm pop of colour whilst still incorporating the fine Japanese materials Akoni prides itself on. Contrasting this bold colouring, the Athena frames create a more subtle but no less stunning silhouette made from black Japanese Acetate with hints of gold and titanium. The frames effortlessly accentuate cheekbones and help lift the contours of the face. And if you’re still looking for something a bit more out there, the frames come in a custom range of colours to fit whatever look you’re striving for.

Amalia wears AKONI Athena in Black Japanese acetate AKS-408A-51

Inspired by the world-renowned designs of architect Jean Prouvé, the Echo frames include black enamel rims to create an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design. The use of gold titanium gives a burst of colour and helps to finish off these gorgeous frames with more fine Japanese materials. For a more lightweight, delicate frame, the Ulysses glasses are a perfect option. With the same beauty as the novel by James Joyce – that shares its namesake – the pair also lives up to the durability of the Ulysses spacecraft, which was the first to ever successfully orbit the sun.

AKONI Echo in Dark Crystal Grey Japanese acetate with gold titanium AKS-204B-59

On the other hand, the Akari frames pay close attention to structural detail with a bold, curved crowbar that nods to Ponti’s experimentation with framework and volume. Following Ponti’s teachings, the Akari frames combine the perfect balance of embellishment with their Green Tortoise Swirl pattern made from sturdy Japanese Acetate. The Akari frames successfully capture the strong, masculine silhouettes of Ponti’s work and combine it with the brand’s high quality craftsmanship.

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