A sequel for A24’s ‘Talk to Me’ has just been greenlit

The film has been described as “one of the scariest films of the decade.”

There are a handful of movie makers whose work is guaranteed to make your skin crawl. One is Blumhouse, the production company behind Sinister, Get Out, M3GAN and Paranormal Activity; the other, of course, is A24, who’ve blessed us with horror gems like Hereditary, Midsommar, X, It Comes at Night and The Witch. And now their latest scarefest, Talk to Me, has just been greenlit for a sequel.

On August 9th, A24 confirmed that a sequel to Talk to Me — tentatively titled Talk 2 Me — had been greenlit, with Danny and Michael directing. The pair have already said they were open to creating a sequel for the movie. “While writing the first film, you can’t help but write scenes for a second film,” Danny told The Hollywood Reporter. “So there’s so many scenes. The mythology was so thick, and yeah, if A24 gave us the opportunity, we wouldn’t be able to resist. I feel like we’d jump at it.” Michael confirmed this too, adding: “We have a lot of original stories that we want to tell, but the Talk to Me stuff is exciting to us, too. So the idea of a sequel, we wouldn’t be opposed to it.” Looks like they got their wish!

Talk to Me was directed by internet horror content creators Danny and Michael Philippou (known collectively as RackaRacka), was picked up by the studio after its buzzy premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January. Critics are calling it “one of the scariest movies of the decade”; now, audiences are flocking to it en masse. Even in the midst of Barbenheimer hysteria, Talk to Me has become a box office success. The film grossed over $10 million in its opening weekend, meaning it’s A24’s biggest opening weekend since Hereditary

There’s also a chance for a prequel, too. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, director duo RackaRacka shared that they’d filmed more scenes that explained the backstory of Duckett, the boy from the opening scenes of the movie. “We actually shot an entire Duckett prequel already. It’s told entirely through the perspective of mobile phones and social media, so maybe down the line we can release that,” said Danny. Would it explain how he came into possession of the hand? Or show more scenes from that ill-fated night? We’ll have to wait till when, or even if, that footage is released. It’s likely these scenes don’t amount to much more than a short film, though.

Talk to Me is in US and UK cinemas now.

WriterChris Saunders
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