Finally ready to write that book? Get it started in these creative London hotspots

Whether you’re in the mood for something luxurious, quirky, or filled with history, these venues are the ideal spots to get the juices flowing.

We’re now a third of the way through January, and if you’ve made it through without a sip of alcohol and kept up with your gym routine, then you probably deserve a drink (Sorry, a pat on the back, rather). For all the creatives out there, the turn of the year also provides an opportunity to kickstart that project, novel, portfolio, play, album, whatever that you’ve been putting off for far too long. Still, finally finding the motivation to get your project off the ground is one thing, but finding a swanky and inspirational location to provide the backdrop for whatever you produce is just as important. Besides, who wants to be locked away in a poorly lit flat, perched at a decrepit desk, staring up at a mould-covered ceiling that the landlord probably hasn’t replaced in at least 20 years?

Of course, there’s still the inconvenience of actually finding somewhere that’ll spark your imagination. But we’ve done all the dirty work for you. Scroll down for our top picks for creative workspaces in London, and get that project started…

Gatsby’s Room at The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair 

The thoroughly elegant Gatsby’s Room at The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair is certainly on the smarter end of the scale. In fact, you could imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald himself reclining languorously in this Art Deco-inspired lounge, if he were still alive today. Alongside acting as an atmospheric and galvanising workspace, Gatsby’s Room also offers one of London’s finest afternoon teas (who wants to work on an empty stomach?). So, if you’re brave enough to leave your winter comfort clothes at home and sit somewhere a little more sophisticated, this is the spot for you. 

Image Credit: The Beaumont Hotel

The Wellcome Collection, Fitzrovia

What better way to find inspiration than posting up in a quirky (and free) museum? The Wellcome Collection, located in Euston, boasts an offering of rotating exhibits connecting medicine and art. Currently, it is home to The Cult of Beauty: An exhibition featuring over 200 items – including historical objects, artworks, films and new commissions – that explores the notion of beauty across time and cultures. Meanwhile, the museum’s permanent exhibition, ‘Being Human’, tackles what it means to be human in the 21st century, reflecting on our hopes and fears about new forms of medical knowledge, and our changing relationships with ourselves. Then, there’s the reading room, a library and gallery rolled into one, complete with comfy sofas, a cafe and wifi to boot. Finally, there’s even a postbox which allows you to send a card anywhere in the world for free.

Image Credit: The Wellcome Collection

The OWO, Whitehall

If you’re looking for a bit of historical grandiosity with your workspace, The OWO is just the spot. Located in London’s Whitehall district, The OWO building began housing Britain’s war offices in 1906, and its trapezoidal shape, neo-Baroque architecture and towering presence remain one of the city’s visual symbols. An iconic cornerstone of London’s landscape, the city’s Old War Office building settled into a brand-new identity late last year after the iconic building was revamped into a luxury hotel. Storytelling and preservation are the focus here, and this awe-inspiring location doused in history will encourage you to finally start writing that period piece you’ve been putting off – or just to check a few emails.

Image Credit: The OWO

The Standard Library Lounge, King’s Cross

The Standard Hotel certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to food, thanks to Decimo and Double Standard. But, if it’s a quiet place in which to work you’re after, look no further than the Library Lounge. Here, you’ll find plush sofas, private corners and playful book pairings such as romance and technology, politics and tragedy or order and chaos. So if you’re in need of any literary inspiration, you won’t have to travel any more than just a few feet. If working in silence isn’t your style, the Library Lounge also hosts live interviews, book launches, and various specialist talks throughout the year. And you can also order coffee (or cocktails) from the restaurants within the hotel. What’s not to love?

Image Credit: The Standard

The Mayfair Townhouse, Mayfair

The Mayfair Townhouse combines elegance and charm and provides a space where you can work and take in an eclectic range of art while you’re at it. Minda Dowling, a leading art specialist, curated unique and unusual pieces – including Colombian artist Clarita Brinkerhoff’s Swarovski crystal peacock sculpture – for the hotel, bringing each space to life. Inspired by Dandy culture (men who dressed elegantly and fashionably) of the 18th and 19th century, the Townhouse is tucked between Hyde Park and Green Park, so there’s plenty of options for your lunch break stroll. Settle into a quiet corner and work alone, or come with a larger group and book areas like ‘Oscar’s study’ – there really is a room for every occasion. Plus, you can head to the Dandy Bar if you’d rather eat on the job, with an all-day dining menu and spaces for meetings or private dining.

Image Credit: The Mayfair Townhouse
WriterChris Saunders
Banner Image CreditThe Wellcome Collection