MVP of the week — Featuring Chanel Beauty and Herbar

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Kicking off this week’s MVP is Chanel Beauty, who have partnered up with makeup artist Valentina Li to reveal a makeup collection inspired by the marine world. The collection features a vibrant amalgamation of watery hues such as glimmering ocean blue and pastel oranges inspired by the rich colours of coral. “Water has been my inspiration for years…Water is the source of everything, including us,” Li explained in a press release. The collection comprises the Lumière de L’Océan highlighter, Les 4 Ombres Rivage and Coral Treasure eyeshadow palettes and Abyssal Blue Waterproof Eyeliner just to name a few and is now available to purchase at Chanel.

Easter is almost here, which (more importantly) means that a four-day weekend is right around the corner. And if you’re still unsure about your plans, how about some fine dining? Well, Borough Market’s Kolae has got you covered. Kolae takes inspiration from a southern Thai cooking style of the same name, in which ingredients are generously coated in a fragrant, curry-like coconut marinade, before being grilled over open flames and smouldering coconut. The restaurant opened in October 2023 to much critical acclaim thanks to signature dishes that include seasonal fish, game, seafood and vegetarian specials, as well as vibrant curries, fresh small plates and palette-cleansing pickles and relishes. Meanwhile, there are, of course, several innovative beverages available that use ingredients from Kolae’s kitchen, alongside crisp wines and draft beers designed to cut through rich flavours. To indulge in Kolae’s flavours yourself, reservations are available here.

Fancy a sustainable salon day? London’s first-ever sustainable salon, Buller and Rice are relaunching their Newington Green space this week, continuing to use products that represent the ethos of sustainable living. The company will bring a next-generation luxury green lifestyle space to their surrounding community, creating a serene and leafy location that is for everyone, not just the eco-warriors amongst us. Meanwhile, services available at the salon range from cutting services, to dyes and tints and bespoke treatments. Buller and Rice will also be showcasing an edit of their new Life+Wine collection, featuring a selection of products across homeware and wines. To make a booking at Buller and Rice’s revamped store, or any of their other locations, click here.

You might’ve thought you’d seen it all in the realms of skincare, but pioneers of adaptogenic and fungi skincare brand Herbar are still breaking barriers with their unconventional releases. Recently, Herbar launched their world-first Barrier Cream, combining the power of a balm with the velvet-like texture of a cream that absorbs into the skin in seconds. At the core of the formula lies a 5-ceramide complex that supplements and reinforces the natural ceramides in your skin, enhancing moisture retention and expediting ceramide production, leading to prolonged hydration. The Barrier Cream was crafted for all skin types to provide immediate comfort repair, accelerated regeneration, and uniformity. So, if you’re ready to show your skin some fungi love, you can now purchase Herbar’s Barrier Cream online.

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