Montblanc reflects on its heritage to unveil fragrances inspired by writing, ink, leather and namesake mountain

On the 100th anniversary of their iconic writing device, the Meisterstück, the luxury Maison looks back through its past to convey history via the olfactory… 

For over a century, Montblanc has made the everyday ephemeral; the process of putting pen and ink to paper, the feel of leather, and of course, the serenity evoked by their emblem, the mountain, Mont Blanc. Now, to mark a historic year — the 100th anniversary of the Meisterstück — the Maison has unveiled four fragrances that pay tribute to a unique facet of their heritage, and have the power to transport wearers through time. 

Master perfumer Nathalie Lorson created Vetiver Glacier (Frozen Santal), to encapsulate the spirit of adventure heralded by mountains and glaciers. Speaking exclusively to HUNGER in Hamburg, the home of Montblanc HAUS, Lorson explains the inspiration and olfactory notes of her fragrance. “To express the cold impression on your cheek, I used a very specific strain of vetiver, which has a bitter grapefruit feeling. I also used black pepper to reinforce that feeling of chill because it is sharp, and has the effect of something fizzy. Then, to show the strength of the elements and the rocks, I used a second quality of vetiver that was more earthy and smoky. I added sandalwood to represent the sense of wellbeing. When you’re on top of a mountain, you really have an enveloping feeling of serenity, everything is white, calm and quiet.” 

Jordi Fernandez crafted Black Meisterstück (Absolute Incense) to convey an elevated writing experience. Novel Incense of Somalia, which was drawn from wood resin, represents the warm sensation that exudes from the writing process. This dries down to a woody blend of vetiver, Indonesian patchouli and spicy Akigalawood, with additional warm notes of nutmeg and ginger. It is a scent that expresses the “intensity and opulence” of the Meisterstück, says Fernandez.  

Acting as a companion is Fabrice Pellegrin’s Patchouli Ink (Dark Woods), which conveys how ink turns inspiration into reality. Expect notes of Indonesian Patchouli, which conjures the smell of ink seeping into white paper, as well as wafts of coriander seeds, jasmine petals and warm vanillin. 

Leather for Montblanc is more than functional, it is sensorial, and so when Juliette Karagueuzoglou was working on Extreme Leather (Smoked Iris), she took inspiration from the desk pad she had on her first desk as a perfumer. The feel and smell of the Maison’s indelible Saffiano was created by blending ambrette and notes of iris to create a woody, leathery fragrance that seemingly sinks deeper into the skin with each hour that passes. 


All four scents are unisex — as Lorson explains, the brief was to work on sensations that embody the history of Montblanc, a brand who has been committed to making rituals out of the everyday since 1906. As such, the attention to detail on this launch is impressive. The 125 glass bottles feature a metal strip to embody the clip of the Meisterstück, the box evokes the grain of Saffiano leather, and the name of the Maison appears to be handwritten. 

Discover and purchase Vetiver Glacier, Black Meisterstück, Patchouli Ink, and Extreme Leather, here

WriterNessa Humayun