From mushroom bobs to rodeo reds, here are the top hair trends for 2024

New year, new ‘do, anyone? This 2024, HUNGER are touching base with Anita Rice and Stephen Buller who created London’s first sustainable salon chain, Buller and Rice, to get the lowdown on all things hair.

Sure, we may only be several days into the new year, but let’s face the facts: *that* mullet is so 2023. From wispy bangs to overgrown wolf cuts, it’s time to move on to brand-spanking new, funky and fresh styles for 2024. And who better to give us a nudge in the right direction than the founders of the luxury sustainable salon brand Buller and Rice

Experts in blending a guilt-free salon experience, the pair are introducing the likes of jigsaw layered cuts and colour-meshing dyes that will give you the new year shakeup you deserve. So put down the scissors and give the endless internet scouring a rest; here are the top chops and colours that will really get your head in the new year, new ‘do game…

Mushroom Bobs

In 2023, bobs were quite the talk of TikTok, and in 2024, we are introducing a brand new tousled number that is more French chic than limp-layered bleak. The mushroom bob is a jaw-length crop that gives volume and fullness but is still polished as the cut hangs just below the ears with a nonchalant swing. For a new take on the texture and style of the bob, we look to the likes of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction for inspiration, merging with a Rachel from Friends 90s blow dry. If you hadn’t guessed, the mushroom bob gets its name from the shape, with the ends tucked neatly under to create a mushroom-top-like look. After all, we are four years into the roaring 20s revival, so why not try your hand at this flapper girl number? 


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Micro Bobs

If you are a fan of the bob but are looking to get more experimental with your layering choices, then throw them out altogether! If you weren’t aware, this is the year we get more confident and comfortable with our love for cropped trim. Plus, if you’re already sporting a bob, then this is the fresh take you need as the nail-biting chop has already been done, and now you can sharpen your ends to create more of a statement look. Tuck the uber-short number behind your ears and take it all the way up to the cheekbones with a tousled scrunch for teeny beach waves. 

Bold Bangs

If your hair is on the thicker side and you are on the hair market for some face-framing changes, then the 2024 style of bangs may be your new best friend. This year, we are going blunter and bolder for a full-coverage fringe. Think prime Zooey Deschanel as we throw it back to a fun and flirty twee reference. We are stepping away from messy 70s outgrown bangs that accompanied the shag and going back to classics that sit on the eyebrow and don’t blend into your layers. The best bit? It works on nearly all hair types, textures, and lengths and can reflect your personal style with slight differences in blending. Ask your stylist to go blunt and bold to get the look.


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Jigsaw Layers

If you are still a fan of layering (aren’t we all?), then you can take it up a notch for a revived and experimental version of the corrugated chop. But forget everything you know, as this layered look is not about its smooth descent into your lengths; it’s all about the disconnect. With references spanning from anime to 70s Cher, the jigsaw layers keep whatever your preferred length may be but take thick sections on either side of the cheekbones that lead up to a full fringe. For those dedicated at-home stylists, the look is more daring than any of its counterparts and requires constant upkeep to keep sharp, but the results are worth the risk. 

Bow Takeover

Bows aren’t just for Christmas; they are for your ‘do too! As the ribbon was on the rapid rise in 2023, the new year will see more variations of the coquette staple, this time for all aesthetics and hairstyles, textures, and lengths. Keep it fresh by pairing a dark bow with your lighter dyes or a pastel shade for stronger and deeper coloured hair. Go full Carrie Bradshaw with your experimental accessories, and match your ‘it’ girl fit to your bow of choice by DIYing a new stylish half-up half-down for that effortless chic look.


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Rodeo red

Red made a major comeback on the 2023 fashion scene, but now it’s time to give your locks a lick of the romantic treatment. Rodeo red embraces a darker and glossier shade for the bold visionary ready for a refresh and leans towards the cherry cola and red wine hues. With a bouncy blow dry and your new Dyson AirWrap in hand, we are taking major inspiration from the likes of Jessica Rabbit to dial the sexy ‘do up a notch. Some of the most beauty-forward celebrities have tried their hand at rodeo red, too, with Doja Cat and Julia Fox sporting a sparkling ruby colour. Make sure to match your ‘fit and give your wardrobe a spruce up, too, for the ultimate scarlett dream! 

Mink Pink and Champagne Blonde

2024 is the time to think pink! But this is no Barbie hot pink fiasco, as we are getting down and dirty with a muted, dusky pink. It’s time to embrace effortless grunge whilst adding colour back into the icy blonde bombshell that reigned over 2023. A soft candy floss will replenish your yellow tones and offer a new life for the blonde babes ready for change. Alternatively, if you are not ready to hop off the blonde train (they do have more fun, after all), then keep the warm sentiment and give your colour a sun-kissed glow. Greyish blonde is *so* last year, and thick honey-toned 00s highlights are back. Or, if you still crave the bleached glamour of it all, then look to the likes of a Courtney Love champagne hue for a richer tint and indie sleaze icon Kate Moss with her lived-in boho roots and bright ends. 


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Brassy Browns

For all our brunette babes out there, don’t book in your bleaching just yet! On the flip side of the colouring coin, we can confirm that brown is still most definitely the moment and is even being dubbed as the new femme fatale blonde. It’s all about the rebellious anti-bleach, with a raw 90s brown showcasing a glowing golden and velvety undertone. Solid shades are embracing the new age vampiress look, with tastemakers like Gabbriette and Julia Fox pioneering the thin brows and deep brown look. Finish with a pair of Gisele Bündchen in the Devil Wears Prada specs for the chic girl next-door aesthetic.


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Colour Meshing

Though back to basics may be the talk of the salons, there is a new technique on the block. Colour meshing is the antithesis of chunky highlights, and gone are the days of thick foils from Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. 2024 is blurring bleached boundaries by adding vibrant and infrequent colour patches. The look embraces chaos and offers a refresh for coloured stripes in erratic patterns. To go a step further, take inspiration from Japanese punk, which is a cleaner catwalk look for irregular colour patterning. Mix and match clean ombre ends in dark blues and blacks with vibrant colour panels at the base of the hair. And don’t be afraid to go neon with your new rainbow locks, either!

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