Jordan Peele’s next film will arrive at the end of 2026

The guy behind 'Us', 'Get Out' and 'Nope' has revealed that his fourth stint in the director's chair will be released in October of 2026... Yes, that's a good while away.

Come Halloween of next year, you’ll be getting those cat ears out from the back of the cupboard, and buying tickets for Jordan Peele’s fourth film. Set to release on the 26th of October 2026, the yet to be titled feature is Peele’s first film since 2022’s Nope, which featured  Daniel Kaluuya (also in Peele’s Get Out) and Keke Palmer as horse-ranchers that get embroiled with UFOs. Will Peele’s fourth film be alien-focused, too? We have absolutely no idea. As is standard for the director behind Get Out – which won him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay – the production is being kept a secret. If his previous roster of work is anything to go by, however, you can piece together at least a little of what to expect: unless the director is moving away from his usual stylings, our money is on it being a Black-led quasi-horror with some scathing social critique. Had it not been for last year’s SAG-AFTRA strikes, we could have found out what Peele’s fourth feature entails in December of this year but, low and behold, it’s release was pushed back.

While you’ll have lived about four different lives by the time Peele’s fourth feature hits cinemas, there’s plenty of Peele-centric media you can sink your teeth into in the meantime. When Peele isn’t in the director’s chair, he’s doing his bit as a producer for his company Monkeypaw Productions. Over the past few years they’ve given us not only 2021’s Candyman, but 2022’s stop-motion Wendell and Wild. More recently, Peele even leant his expertise to actor Dev Patel’s directorial debut, Monkey Man. By Autumn of next year, we’ll also get our hands on Justin Tipping’s Him, which is, again, produced by Peele’s production company. Following a football quarterback (played by Marlon Wayans), Him is set to star “It” girl Julia Fox and US rapper Guapdad 4000.

Anyway, catch you at the midnight screening.

WriterAmber Rawlings
Banner Image CreditGet Out / Blumhouse Productions