We’ve finally got a release date for the reboot of ‘The Crow’ starring FKA Twigs

A remake of the iconic 1994 film will hit the big screen on June 7th. Here's what kind of supernatural shenanigans to expect.

Remaking a cult classic is no easy feat. Case in point? The fourteen years of “developmental hell” it took for 2024’s reboot of The Crow to materialise. Between the first whispers of its existence back in late ’90s to now, actors attached to the project included everyone from Jack O’Connell to Jason Momoa to James McAvoy. There have been a fair few sequels to the original 1994 film in that time – Kirsten Dunst popped up in The Crow: Salvation and at one point there were talks of a Crow film starring the rapper DMX – but when it’s come to anything that touches the original 1994 film, it’s lived up to it’s “cursed” credentials. It was, of course, on the set of The Crow that lead actor Brandon Lee was shot and killed after a fatal mix-up by the props department. The film’s production even became the focus of a whole episode of Cursed Films, which went into not just Lee’s death, but the Lee family curse and various other on-set accidents.

Still, The Crow remake is (fingers crossed) finally here. The director behind it ended up being Rupert Sanders – who gave us Snow White and the Huntsmen and the Ghost in the Shell remake – and starring as the titular Eric Draven is Bill Skarsgård. FKA Twigs is taking on the role of his fiancé Shelly Webster, the film marking her first venture onto the silver screen since 2019’s Honey Boy. Skarsgård is, of course, known for taking on the role of Pennywise in the 2017 remake of It. He also had a role in 2022’s Barbarian, but we try to forget about everything that happened in that film. It’s an ongoing situation with our therapist.

An obvious question does emerge: do we really need another remake? “Hollywood needs to leave this classic alone” reads one tweet in response to the news of The Crow‘s upcoming release. It’s a sentiment felt far and wide. Though its original film and TV concepts that continue to garner the most acclaim, it seems that the film industry just can’t get enough of rehashing the past. In the past few years, we’ve seen remakes of everything from Charlies Angels to West Side Story. Some have, admittedly, been great – Dune, we’re looking at you – but a lot have left much to be desired… Ahem, Annie. But when it comes to something like 2024’s The Crow, which, above anything else, is probably the only opportunity we’ll get to see a crossover between Pennywise and the singer behind “Cellophane”, we’d say yes: yes, we definitely need this remake.

WriterAmber Rawlings
Banner Image CreditThe Crow / Dimension Films