Louis Vuitton’s FW24 campaign takes cowboy-core to another level

The cowboy-themed campaign comes to life in the mountains.

We might all be aware (and afraid) of the horse girls, but Louis Vuitton is ushering in a new era for horse guys with their latest campaign. 

Shot by Colin Dodgson, the labels’ new campaign builds on creative director Pharrell Williams’ take on the Wild West. With nods to the rich history of Black and Indigenous cowboys, it’s Skateboard P remixed, Western-inspired attire. There’s also that streetwear touch thanks to collaborations with artists from the Dakota and Lakota nations. 

Off the runway and in front of Dodgson’s lens, the collection is set against a backdrop of sprawling, snowy mountains — and it gets an extra boost from some furry friends. One shot features a model on horseback, sporting Damier-check denim and Louis Vuitton’s ultra-luxe Timberlands. In another, the same horse nuzzles a pixelated “Damoflage” puffer.

Other key pieces that make an appearance in the campaign include Pharrell’s turquoise Speedy bag, turquoise-accented 3.0 Millionaires sunglasses, and the LV Texan: a cowboy boot created with the help of an expert bootmaker from Texas.

Louis Vuitton’s embrace of cowboy-core comes just at the right time. Thanks to pop culture phenomena like Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter and Bella Hadid’s embrace of all things equestrian (she’s dating an actual cowboy), “horse girl” style is everywhere. Now, Louis Vuitton is just giving the horse guys something, too.

WriterChris Saunders
Banner Image CreditLouis Vuitton