WTF is butterfly lip filler?

Another day, another beauty trend... This time around, experts are urging caution when it comes to undertaking butterfly lip filler. This refers to a trend that accentuates the cupid's bow, and we spoke to award winning aesthetician, Dr Ahmed El Muntasar GP, to get the lowdown.

What’s it all about then? 

The desired result is to create height in the lips and definition in the cupid’s bow.

Why has it become so popular? 

I think it’s become quite popular as it’s quite a common technique performed by beauticians and is
something that is very easy to do. The results are quite fast and very noticeable, it’s quite a ‘done up’ look which is sometimes what people look for with their filler.

Are there any risks involved? 

The biggest risk is that you’re essentially going through the vermillion border, going from the white edges into the lip itself so the chances of migration are extremely high.

What are the dangers of these trends stemming from beauticians as opposed to medical professionals?

As the trend is more beautician oriented, the risks are unfortunately really high. The lips are full of blood vessels and it’s very easy to block a blood vessel in the lips. A medical professional would have had some element of training to be able to deal with a complication like vascular occlusion (where the vessels are blocked), whereas a beautician most likely hasn’t because it’s not usually the type of training that they’re provided with. Plus, the medication that you use to dissolve filler in an emergency is prescription only. So if you’re not prescribed, you wouldn’t usually have it on site. So the complications of this could actually cause the skin and tissue of the lip to be severely damaged.

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